Garena Free Fire tips and tricks: What is 360-degree Gloo Walls trick?

In Free Fire, Gloo Walls are said to be one of the most important components of gunplay.

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In Free Fire, Gloo Walls are said to be one of the most important components of gunplay that players can use for offensive as well as defensive purposes. As the gamers pass through different ranks and passes, utility items become more important to their success. Players often get caught in the crossfire in open areas. For such scenarios, the 360-degree Gloo Wall technique can come in handy to obtain cover from all sides.

What is Free Fire 360-degree Gloo Wall

It is a utility that players can use to take cover from all directions. It offers a temporary cover, and to use this trick, players are required to have at least 3 or more grenades. Although the Gloo Wall does not guarantee the survival of the players, it offers them time to heal or revive teammates that have been knocked out. And since it is such a great trick to increase a player’s chances of surviving, it certainly makes for a useful trick to have in one’s arsenal.

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Things to keep in mind while using this trick

  • Players should make sure that they set the general sensitivity to the highest level. This makes sure that the movements are smooth and change in camera angle while placing the Gloo Wall.
  • Players should first bend down before choosing Gloo Wall grenade. Then, they should position the crosshair next to them and slide the power button to place the grenade.
  • Players must practice how to quickly place Gloo Walls. To excel in this skill, they can practice by placing one wall at a time at Gloo School on the training island.
  • Players can also improve their skills by playing in custom rooms where they can get unlimited Gloo Walls to get better at this trick.
  • Players can also edit their custom HUD to make the crouch and fire button next to each other, allowing them to pull this trick off smoothly.

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