Georgopol: How to win Georgopol fights in BGMI?

BGMI came out in July 2021 as the Indian version of the popular Battle Royale game – PUBG Mobile.

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BGMI came out in July 2021 as the Indian version of the popular Battle Royale game – PUBG Mobile. Since both versions feature the same maps, players from India found themselves on familiar grounds while playing the new game.

Although many modes resemble the previous game, players of both versions prefer to play the classic Battle Royale matches. Erangel is believed to be the main map in the title. When the game is installed, it is the only map that comes pre-downloaded in the game. Moreover, it was also the first map for players to try their skills on. As a result, players opt to play on this map and landing in popular areas like Georgopol city.

With several players dropping into Georgopol City due to its vast area, they must be aware of how to engage and win in matches in that area. We have listed down ways BGMI players can win fights in this city.

Utilities can win you fights

The rise of PUBG Mobile and BGMI esports has made utilities popular in fights as they can change the course of any match within seconds. Since Georgopol is a highly congested area containing many buildings and compounds, players using utilities can make players win more matches in the area.

Using frag grenades and Molotov cocktails properly can restrict enemies within buildings, even knocking them out. Also, proper use of smoke grenades can help players move from one compound to another without getting shot.

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Land in the apartments and hold them

There are three apartments in Georgopol City that act as the highest position in the vicinity and hence, provide the players with a height advantage which can come in handy to knock down opponents present in the small houses.

However, the apartments are amongst the most contested buildings in the area, and players must have good gun skills to hold the buildings and kill enemies.

SMGs are good for compound and apartment fights

SMGs are a good option in BGMI close-range fights. Georgopol City sees a lot of close-range combat due to many players dropping into the area. Moreover, the vicinity contains a decent number of SMGs for players to pick up and use. These guns are deadly in apartment fights, enabling players to kill opponents and takedown squads with ease.

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