Fortnite pickaxe: Is Leviathan pickaxe faster than others?

Leviathan pickaxe reportedly gives an advantage to Fortnite players.

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Fortnite cosmetics are made with an intention to be even across the board. No cosmetic should give any kind of advantage, though that is not the case every time. The built-in emote for Mystique, which enables her to shape-shift into the skin she just eliminated, has proved to be an advantage in many cases.

That’s no right from Epic Games’ perspective. Another such example is the Leviathan pickaxe, which reportedly gives an advantage to Fortnite players. Here’s how:

Leviathan pickaxe advantage

The Leviathan Axe harvesting tool is straight from the Gaming Legends Series. It was introduced to the game with the Oathbreaker set as part of the collaboration with God of War and will cost players 1,000 V-Bucks in the Item Shop.

Professionals such as Benjyfish, Lechy, and Bugha have been making use of this pickaxe almost exclusively, and there’s a good reason behind it. Many believe it to be the best pickaxe in Fortnite, but there also might be another reason.

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Previously, Epic Games slightly altered the values with certain pickaxes. The Codeaxe pickaxe was able to swing faster compared to other harvesting tools, so it gave players an advantage, and many players say the Leviathan Axe does the same.

One YouTuber tried finding out whether this was another Epic Games goof up and if the professionals were using the pickaxe for an advantage. He found out that there was no advantage of using the pickaxe. The swing speed was the same as other pickaxes. The range didn’t go any further, nor did the damage increase from the standard 20.

There is no difference between the default pickaxe and the Leviathan Axe. It looks like the players like to use the leviathan Axe as it has a novel design and is one of the few reactive pickaxes Fortnite offers. Another big draw is that the pickaxe gets frostier as players harvest materials, which attracts players. Get the latest from by following them on InstagramTwitter and YouTube.

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