Explanation of Trigun Stampede Season 2 Episode 1

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Trigun is an anime series directed by Satoshi Nishimura, produced by Madhouse, and based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Yasuhiro Nightow. The series originally aired in Japan from April 1 to September 30, 1998, with a total of 26 episodes. The music for the anime was composed by Tsuneo Imahori, who also composed the music for the Trigun: Badlands Rumble film. The story of the anime follows Vash the Stampede, a notorious gunman with a massive bounty on his head, as he travels through a desert-covered planet while being pursued by various bounty hunters. Along the way, he also helps those in need, despite the danger it puts him in. Despite his reputation, Vash is a peaceful person who avoids violence and is determined to protect those around him. Explanation of Trigun Stampede Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 1 of Trigun Stampede S2: Noman’s Land

Vash is wishing the crew members good night on one of the Seeds ships. Unexpectedly, there is an explosion, and an emergency is declared. Vash rushes to find Knives and Rem, who tell him that everything will be okay when they are located. She leads Knives and Vash to an escape pod and helps them board it. Knives invites Rem to join them, but Rem declines and says she loves them both. As the ship with Rem aboard it catches fire, she activates the pod, allowing them to flee.

Meryl Stryfe and Roberto De Niro listen to November Channel news while driving through the wasteland in No Man’s Land years later. Meryl is new, so Roberto refers to her as a “rookie” and warns her to drive more cautiously after she spilt his drink. He is reminded by Meryl not to drink alcohol while at work and that her name isn’t “rookie.” She gives him a copy of her resume and tells him that she hopes to work as a senior editor for the Department of News someday. Roberto explains to her that this is No Man’s Land, a harsh and arid place where only the strongest survive, but this only irritates Meryl, who orders him to stop being so condescending. Meryl discovers she neglected to charge the automobile when it shuts down a short while later.

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Both of them must walk forward now. The Humanoid Typhoon’s existence is questioned by Meryl. According to Roberto, if you run into him and he looks like a disaster on wheels, people will tell you that your time is up. Meryl thinks it’s absurd that he even exists, but she’s willing to wait years to learn something special. As is customary for the Bad Lads Gang, Roberto then stops noticing a tree with three men hanging from it upside down. One of the survivors is checked by Meryl, but his arm is broken. The man laughs as she is taken aback by that. He scares her, but she chooses to liberate him nevertheless since she wants to assist. 

The man is carrying a gun, and Roberto worries if the man is a shooter. He agrees, but admits he’s not particularly good at it. Meryl travels to speak with the Military Police when they arrive in July. Vash the Stampede’s wanted poster is displayed to her, and she immediately recognises him as the person she just assisted. When Roberto inquires as to what he did, the police respond that the Humanoid Typhoon—as he is sometimes known—has been killing and robbing people while also destroying flora. Meryl pauses to reflect before saying, “I saw him,” and then she gestures in that direction, saying, “He went that way.”

Vash thanks the officers as they depart, but Meryl ties him up with a rope and threatens to hand him to the authorities after she has an exclusive interview with him. They will act as reporters for him to clear his name if he is innocent. Vash remarks that they are really gracious and suggests that they conduct the interview at the adjacent diner. Meryl is eager to visit the diner after hearing about it.

When they get to Jeneora Rock, Meryl runs into a tavern and demands some water. The crowd is delighted to see Vash as she enters shortly after Roberto and Vash. Rosa responds that Vash is Jeneora Rock’s saviour when Meryl asks why. Vash releases himself and claims that Meryl and Roberto are his friends, leading Rosa to question what they plan to do with him. As they are working, Meryl orders water instead of the refreshments they had originally ordered. She is shocked to see how filthy the water is. Rosa says they have to buy water from outside the city because their water plant is broken and they currently don’t have access to clean water as Roberto motions for her to check everyone’s glasses. Rosa asks Vash if he can look at the plant again.

Rosa leads the group to the plant while Vash accepts. She tells that a few years ago it broke down and that Vash fixed it without charge. Vash observes the plant’s redness and says that it is dying and that they will need a large sum of money to buy a replacement, but that if they do nothing, things would only become worse. The July Military Police’s Chuck Lee then appears and claims to have located Vash and has a large bounty on his head. They will have enough money to buy a new Plant if they turn him in. Vash is then beaten and bound while Chuck arrests him. Roberto suggests that they settle the matter by engaging in a duel while reminding them that he is a reporter and will publish stories about how cowardly the police are. Chuck agrees out of frustration, and after Vash and a duel are announced, bets are placed on who will win.

Vash isn’t as weak as Meryl thinks, according to Roberto, who also argues that being faster or slower doesn’t necessarily mean you win or lose. Chuck orders Vash to draw his gun as they engage in a duel, but Vash objects, calling it foolish. Chuck nods in agreement before pointing a gun at Vash and declaring that the fight should be exciting before pulling out a rocket launcher and opening fire. His soldiers realise that the cluster munition he employed will completely demolish the region and flee for their lives. Vash orders everyone to enter as he prepares to shoot the falling weapons but then discovers he is out of ammunition.

Then Vash starts shouting and requesting 0.22 calibre ammunition from bystanders. Rosa shares her one bullet with Meryl so she can give it to Vash. Vash is the intended recipient when Meryl throws it, but Chuck shoots it. Chuck shoots Vash’s gun, stopping him from firing. Vash chases the bullet and manages to capture it before it falls off the cliff. He loads it into the chamber and prepares to fire. Vash then manages to dodge Chuck’s gun at point blank range, knocking Chuck out. Chuck then fires numerous shots at him. Then Vash throws a rock up and shoots it with the gun. All of the explosives are hit by the rock as it is broken, which causes them to detonate while they are still in the air.

Later, Meryl praises Vash’s shooting skills. He responds by expressing his gratitude for only needing one bullet to do the task. Roberto inquires as to Vash’s source of fear because he had no fear of the July Military Police. Then Vash admits that he has a brother. Vash recalls that Knives confessed he had damaged the Seed ships as they landed on the planet. He left the Plant ship unharmed but was able to kill Rem and turn Vash into his collaborator.

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