Explanation of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1

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The anime “Tokyo Revengers” is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The anime adaptation was produced by the animation studio Liden Films and directed by Takeshi Furuta. The series was written by Tatsuya Takahashi and features character designs by Kenichi Ohnuki and music composed by Takurō Iga. The anime premiered on April 11, 2021 and is currently being broadcast on various streaming platforms. The story follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 27-year-old man who finds himself transported back in time to his high school days, where he becomes determined to save his best friend and his girlfriend from being killed by a powerful gang. Explanation of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 1 of Tokyo Revengers S2: It is what it is

Takemichi breaks down even more because he still cannot believe Chifuyu is dead. If that’s all he’s got, Tetta yells at him. Tetta bids Takemichi, his “hero,” farewell as tears well in his eyes. However, just as he prepares to fire, someone comes and stops him. When Takemichi awakens outside, he encounters Keisuke, who informs him that he provided first aid. Takemichi notices that it’s Kazutora and not Keisuke after giving it a second glance. When Takemichi attempts to meet him, Kazutora begins striking and kicking him. Kazutora reports that some males were savagely beating a girl the other day. When he went to stop them, they identified themselves as being from Toman. He wonders when Toman changed into a man. When did Toman become a group that assaults women, he wonders. Kazutora claims that Chifuyu was the one he intended to save and that he doesn’t care about Takemichi. 

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Chifuyu arrives earlier to pick up Kazutora after he is released from custody. According to Chifuyu, Toman has become evil and even the police are powerless to stop them. Chifuyu requests Kazutora’s assistance in restoring Toman to its former state. Kazutora queries Takemichi as to his whereabouts during Chifuyu’s lone combat. Takemichi understands that Chifuyu couldn’t trust him because he turned bad in this timeline. Toman has grown much, as Manjiro predicted, but Kazutora questions whether Toman is what Manjiro had in mind. or the Toman Keisuke wished to safeguard. This Toman isn’t the one Takemichi fell in love with, he agrees. Then Kazutora says they ought to get their Toman back.

When Kazutora and Takemichi get in the car, Takemichi confesses that his mind is still spinning and that he is perplexed as to how Toman got to be in this situation. Toman altered as a result of Manjiro changing, according to Kazutora. Takashi disappeared one month prior. Despite Manjiro’s best efforts, his search for him was unsuccessful. After a brief chat, Kazutora informs Takemichi that Pah-chin and Peh-yan were killed when Tetta was holding him the previous evening. As Manjiro no longer had faith in his former allies, this indicates that he had begun to expel former Toman members. Tetta is only carrying out Manjiro’s instructions, claims Kazutora. Manjiro won’t return to normal unless they address Tetta’s brutality and Black Dragon’s wealth.

According to Kazutora, the surviving members of the former biker gang Black Dragon joined Toman and rose to the position of Manjiro’s power players. Takemichi remembers that Toman formed as a result of Black Dragon, and Kazutora corroborate this. Back then, Kazutora had ties to the Black Dragons, but those ties are no longer what they once were. They are currently making a tonne of money, and Manjiro is being corrupted by this. While Chifuyu would have taken care of Tetta, Kazutora had discovered their hidden bank account and planned to halt the flow of money. Tetta was cornered by Chifuyu, who then killed him. They discovered that Tetta gave the order to kill Hinata Tachibana with the aid of a detective. Chifuyu had evidence indicating Tetta gave the order, despite the fact that he had an alibi—he was in a conference with the top Toman officials. To meet someone, Kazutora brings Takemichi to an alley. Takemichi sees Naoto approaching the figure in the darkness and rushes over to him, but Naoto arrests him for encouraging a murder.

Takemichi is taken to the police by Naoto, who also shows him a video that Chifuyu secretly filmed. Takemichi sees himself on it, although he hardly recognises him. Takemichi’s return to the present caused a sudden change in the timeline, according to Naoto. The past’s modifications significantly altered the present. Naoto is still a police officer, but Takemichi is now a powerful figure in Toman rather than a worker at a rental store. Atsushi continues to kill Hinata on August 10. To arrest Tetta, Naoto collaborated with Kazutora and Chifuyu. 

Takemichi is instructed to keep watching the video by Naoto. Takemichi gives Atsushi the go-ahead to murder someone in the video. Atsushi must kill the person or Tetta won’t leave Takemichi alone, he warns, adding that he doesn’t yet know who that person is but that they are a bother to Toman. Atsushi will receive a call from someone identifying the person. When Atsushi requests Takemichi to speak with the managers on his behalf because he hasn’t heard from his pregnant wife since yesterday, Takemichi snaps at him to stop talking and follow directions. Another footage that Chifuyu covertly captured is shown to Takemichi by Naoto. On it, Takemichi is seen angrily smashing his office furniture after learning Hinata was the intended victim. 

Naoto explains to Takemichi that Chifuyu hid those videos to keep him safe. As Hinatan keeps dying and things worsen, Takemichi knows that he is the one who killed her this time and wants to quit up. Takemichi, according to Naoto, saved him. Since there were no Ken, Keisuke, Chifuyu, or Kazutora in the original timeline, Takemichi was responsible for preserving their influence. Takemichi, in Naoto’s opinion, is the only person who can save Toman and Hinata. Takemichi claims that the last time he became the captain of the First Division, he thought that would be sufficient to alter the course of events and save Hinata, but she perished. 

Naoto surmises that Tetta is obsessed with Hinata and Takemichi because else it would be too unlikely that he would keep killing her. Then, Takemichi remembers Tetta calling him “his hero.” Naoto informs the arriving police officers that it will be challenging for them to meet because Takemichi will be transported to the prison facility. Naoto reaches out his hand and informs Takemichi that the past events involving him and Tetta hold the secret to save Hinata. Takemichi nods in agreement, shakes hands with Naoto, and goes back in time.

Hinata and Takemichi are bowling together. Takemichi remembers that he was particularly interested bowling at that time in the past. He tells Hinata to watch him make another strike as he chooses to put on a show for her. He does so while simultaneously striking out the person after him. The man then remarks that they are exactly in sync while turning to face Takemichi.

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