CS GO best flicks: How to enable Flick Stick aiming?

CS: GO is only the second game to adopt the new Flick Stick gyro aiming method.

credit: Valve

CS: GO is only the second game to adopt the new Flick Stick gyro aiming method developed by Jibb Smart. Inspired by the gyro aiming in console games such as Splatoon, Flick Stick changes controller support in traditionally PC-centric shooters.

Many players make use of the left analog stick for movement and the right stick for aiming when playing using a controller. Flick Stick changes the right analog to horizontal aiming only, with vertical aim controlled by the physical movement of the remote.

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How to configure Flick Stick in CS:GO?

  • Players need to make sure DualShock 4, DualSense, Switch Pro Controller, or other gyro-enabled controller is connected to the PC and Steam is detecting it.
  • Open the game and go to ‘Game Settings’
  • Then, open controller settings and hit Flick Stick Aim tab
  • Now, click on the Enable Flick Stick Aiming
  • After enabling, a warning message will pop-up “Enabling Flick Stick will disable Stick Aim”
  • Now, go to the top of Controller options and click on ‘Edit Button Bindings”
  • A window will show the controller settings with MENU CONTROLS tab highlighted.
  • Click on IN-GAME CONTROLS and a new window will open showing the game’s controller mapping.
  • Click on the option for the right analog controller. Make sure In-Game Action is set to Joystick Camera. 
  • Exiting the settings will enable Flick Stick Gyro settings for CS:GO.

Players should make note that the gyro aiming sensitivity is low by default and it might need some adjusting. To increase it, players will have to go back to CS: GO controller settings and scroll down to Gyro Aim Settings. Players will get the option to change the sensitivity and invert the aiming. Players can adjust the sliders to the required sensitivity and close the settings to return to CS: GO.

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