Creature Fortnite: Where to find Fortnite Klombo?

Fortnite, as always, continues to evolve, with new mechanics, points of interest, and creatures.

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Fortnite, as always, continues to evolve, with new mechanics, points of interest, and creatures added periodically. The latest addition to the game is Klombo, a dinosaur-looking creature that roams around the island.

These creatures are attached to specific questlines and feature hidden attributes players will want to be aware of. But where can players find them and what is their purpose? Here’s what players can do to know about Klombo in Fortnite.

What is a Klombo?

A klombo is a big lizard/dragon creature that can be found around Fortnite Island. Klombos are deadly, but won’t attack players unless they are provoked. Players will have to deal some damage to get them to be aggressive. However, the Klombos have other uses players should be aware of. One is that players can jump onto the Klombo’s head and use its blowhole to propel into the air. This will make players glide away with ease.

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Where are the Klombo locations?

Klombos spawn all around the map, but their spawning spots aren’t consistent mostly. That’s because they tend to roam around. Much like other living creatures, it can be tricky to track them. However, there’s one spot that always has a Klombo. It is a little water body to the southeast of Grassy Grove.

The Klombo tends to spawn right around the water body and appears there in all matches. Players can find them elsewhere too, but the spot on the map above is the only location where Klombo can be found consistently.

Is fighting Klombos possible?

Yes, players can fight Klombos, but it’s not an advisable thing to do. Players have to dish out a lot of damage before Klombo attacks them, but once that happens, it’s hard to get them off the tail. The Klombo will then turn red and start shooting projectiles at the players and slamming into them, dealing a lot of damage.

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