Brand new Rankings season 2023 of League of Legends: Reset, Analysis, and Rewards Explained

On Patch 13.16, LoL's newest champion has the highest win rate in two different roles, Credit : League of Legends
By Naman Alok | Dec 11, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Riot Games is making major changes in League of Legends season Rankings for players in 2023 at the start of Season 13. If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, you’re already familiar with the system. The ranking is traditionally a full system. The season resets at the end of the year. Players will also qualify for the next tier by playing an official best match (BO5) series. However, these systems will undergo some major changes in 2023. Riot Games believes that most players will reach their ranking goal by mid-year, and some of them will no longer have the motivation to continue. Rank climbing. “Ultimately, we want you to stay focused on being able to move on and reward yourself for your accomplishments along the way,” said product manager Chris “Auberaun” Roberts.

League of Legends ranking system changes in 2023

First of all, League of Legends will have two rank resets in the 2023 season. Split 1 will start in early January, and Split 2 will start mid-year. Riot Games has yet to determine the exact release date. In addition, Riot Games is changing the inter-tier ranked promotional series from BO5 to BO3. “It removes the visible impact of rank from matches,” it added.

Riot acknowledges that the previous ranking split had only four rewards that were quite far apart, and that those rewards didn’t create enough incentive or reward for players. As a result, the publisher increases the number of prizes and places them earlier on the track. At the same time, it reduces the number of games required to achieve each existing bonus. Players can earn more rewards from ranked matches. This includes hextech keys, chests, and other goodies that can be unlocked in each division along the progression path. Simply put, players earn “share points” for each ranked match. A fixed amount of money for each win, points are reduced for each defeat, and shared points can be used to earn these rewards.

Skins for all Ranks in 2023

Game designer Chris “cwal” Wallace wrote: Since then, we have always rewarded players who finished the season with Gold or better. But this caused some problems.” He said that players on the Silver/Gold cusp typically stopped playing ranked games after reaching the Gold tier.

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Wallace said, “What about silver and below players who play hundreds of games a year and are actively trying to learn and improve? Basically, challenging skills and time to play ranked games. I asked myself what kind of balance I wanted to find between the challenges

As there will be two-tiered skins in 2023, players will be able to earn two ranked skins. Interestingly, starting next season, ranked skins will be available to players of all levels, not just Gold and above. However, players will still earn Multicolour based on their final ranking at the end of each season. There is a downside, however. Players who have reached Gold to earn the Glory skin from lower tiers will automatically earn it immediately upon levelling up and will have it in stock even if demoted to Silver or lower tiers. However, players ranked above the Gold Tier will continue to earn rewards once the Ranked Period ends.

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