Apex Legends Mobile: Everything to know about the Ranked Mode

Apex Legends Mobile has finally arrived and it’s surprising how well-structured it already is.

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Apex Legends Mobile has finally arrived and it’s surprising how well-structured it already is. The game offers more than just Battle Royale and features an Arenas mode, a Firing Range, and a Ranked mode. In this article, we will discuss how the ranked mode in the game works. 

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Mode Work

The ranked mode in Apex Legends Mobile is the same as it was for the base game prior to Season 13. Players start the game at the bottom of Bronze, and spend RP (ELO) to enter a game. If they perform well, they get back more RP, but if they don’t they lose everything they spent. 

As players go up the ranks, the entry cost for a game starts jumping up, so by Diamond rank, they will have to shell out a huge amount of RP to enter a game and will have to give their best to go positive.

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Unlike traditional ranked modes, players aren’t required to play a series of placement matches. Here, all players simply start in Bronze and need to climb up the ladder. Moreover, players cannot be demoted to a lower rank. They will be at the bottom of the rank if they don’t perform well.

When To Start Playing Ranked Mode?

Players can start playing ranked when they reach level 8, and this could take around 10-15 games. From that point, players will be able to play ranked without any restrictions.

Different Ranks In Apex Legends Mobile

In Apex Legend Mobile, players play for ranks from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and finally Apex Predator. There are no limits for how many players can reach one rank except for the last one; this rank can only be taken by the best 750 players in the world at a given time.

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