Apex Legends Latest Patch Notes Update Reveals The Shadow Society Event

The Shadow Society Event update comes with changes for a number of other Legends even though the changes to Bangalore

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A lot of characters have changed in Apex Legends Revenant, Bangalore and Conduit are all become weak. This will be done as part of the recently announced Shadow Society Event, which begins on March 26. This event features new character looks in along with a new game mode called Lockdown in which the objective is to capture zones in order to score points. 

Apex Artefact is one of them it functions as a unique weapon for any character. Not only that but the developers have updated many more characters and changed several others as well. For example caustic gas will now harm more. Most likely these changes will impact the players react to the game.

Apex Legends Latest Patch Notes Update and The Shadow Society Event

The Shadow Society Event update comes with changes for a number of other Legends even though the changes to Bangalore, Conduit and Revenant are expected to have a big impact. Interestingly, upgrades for multiple Legends, including Bangalore, Revenant and Caustic, have been recalculated and Caustic’s gas damage will increase with each tick.

Bangalore has made some changes to Conduit’s Tactical but her Ultimate has not changed. The patch notes state that the duration of the Radiant Transfer cooldown will increase from 26 to 31 seconds and the regen interrupt delay time will increase from 1 to 2 seconds.

The Forged in Shadows ability of Revenant another character targeted for serious nerfs, will change. The reduced cooldown on this tactical while Ultimate employment has been removed and Shadow Pounce will no longer reload after obtaining a knock in Shadow form. Additionally there is a 60-second increase in the cooldown for Forged in Shadows.

Latest Patch Notes Update: Legend Nerfs

Respawn Entertainment has released the patch details for the upcoming update ahead of the Shadow Society Event debut. Major nerfs to Bangalore, Revenant and Conduit are among the biggest changes. Bangalore for example will see a decrease in duration from 18 to 11 seconds and an increase in cooldown time from 33 to 35 seconds for her Smoke Launcher. 

Apart from that enemies will not be damaged by the exploding canister and smoke particles will spread faster. Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder will also have a longer cooldown lasting 4.5 minutes instead of 4.

The new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called Lockdown is part of the Shadow Society Event which comes right after the Inner Beast Collection Event. In order for teams to get points they must take control of zones in this four-squad free-for-all mode. The event also introduces new cosmetic items such as the Apex Artefact, a Mythic Melee cosmetic that can be obtained by any Legend yet is similar to Heirlooms. 

The next update for Legends includes many changes made by the developer. Expectations over how the next changes would affect Apex Legends character meta for the duration of Season 20 are raised by the changes. Uncertainty surrounds whether these nerfs will discourage players from using Bangalore, Conduit and Revenant given their frequent selection in recent struggles.

Apex Legends Shadow Society Event Patch Notes


Care Package

  • First set of Care Packages no longer contains Care Package weapons
  • Seasonal Gold weapons now spawn in their place (R-301, RE-45, Mastiff, Devotion, 30-30)


CAR (from Season 20 launch, missed in Patch Notes)

  • Vertical recoil during ADS slightly increased

EVA-8 [Care Package]

  • Blast pattern tightened
  • Initial projectile size increased
  • Improved handling
  • Ammo reserves reduced to 64 (previously 96)


  • Energize time slightly reduced for better synchronization with animation

Wingman [Care Package]

  • Ammo reserves decreased to 72 (previously 90)
  • No longer compatible with the 1x Digital Threat optic
  • Optic is now interchangeable



  • Ammuvision upgrade removed
  • Lasting Bullet upgrade shifted to Level 2
  • NEW Speedy Whistler upgrade: successful Tactical hits grant a 2s burst of speed (Level 3)


  • Rolling Thunder: Cooldown increased to 4.5 min (previously 4)

Smoke Launcher

  • Cooldown increased to 35s (previously 33)
  • No longer inflicts damage
  • Smoke duration reduced to 11s (previously 18)
  • Smoke particles dissipate faster



  • Odin’s Glare: moved to Level 2
  • Tactical Cooldown: moved to Level 3


  • Gas Damage now increases by 1 per tick (previously 5/5/6/6 etc.)
  • Downed players now receive 5 damage per tick
  • Gas Slow effect now only applies on first damage tick for 2s


  • Particle Diffuser: moved to Level 3
  • Residual Toxins: moved to Level 2


Radiant Transfer

  • Cooldown increased to 31s (previously 26)
  • Regen Interruption delay time increased to 2s (previously 1)


Upgrade – Wreckless: explosive damage now reduced by 50% (previously 25%)


Upgrades: Level 2

  • Tactical Cooldown+: removed
  • NEW Tactical Cooldown++: Tactical Cooldown reduced by 25s (equal to deployment duration)

Upgrades: Level 3

  • Gift Wrapped: removed
  • NEW Gold-Plated: next Package spawns with Golden Gear (EVO Cache, Gold Knockdown Shield, Gold Backpack, Shield Battery, Medkit, and either a Phoenix Kit or a Mobile Respawn Beacon)


  • Upgrade – Wreckless: explosive damage now reduced by 50% (previously 25%)


  • Upgrade – Zipline Zen: damage reduction increased to 50% (previously 25%)


Forged in Shadows

  • Knocks no longer refresh Tactical during Ultimate
  • Tactical Cooldown no longer shortened during Ultimate
  • Ultimate Cooldown increased by 60s


  • Agile Assassin: removed
  • Tactical Cooldown: moved to Level 3
  • NEW Ultimate Cooldown: reduces Ult Cooldown by 30s (Level 2)


  • Focus of Attention: decreased activation delay to 1.2s (previously 1.4)


  • Artist’s Reach: moved to Level 2
  • Long View: moved to Level 3
  • Racing Hearts: removed (integrated into base Tactical)
  • NEW Ultimate Cooldown: reduces Ult Cooldown by 30s (Level 2)



  • Tactical Cooldown: moved to Level 3
  • Ultimate Cooldown: moved to Level 2


Map Rotation

  • Pubs: Storm Point, Olympus, Broken Moon
  • Ranked: Storm Point, Olympus, World’s Edge


  • Control: Barometer, Production Yard, Thunderdome
  • Gun Run: Monument, Skulltown, Thunderdome
  • TDM: Monument, Thunderdome, Zeus Station


NEW LTM: Lockdown

  • Capture and hold zones to score points
  • Lockdown map rotation: Thunderdome, Skulltown, Zeus Station, Monument

Three Strikes Updates

  • Revive time reduced to 2.0s
  • Players revived with 100% health and 0% shields
  • New minimum guaranteed loot system implemented


  • Control: Players respawn with a skydive when they exit the dropship
  • Kill Replay: Now displays hitmarkers and damage numbers; round-winning replays show killer’s banner
  • NEW Map: Monument – Supports TDM, Gun Run, and Lockdown


EVO Harvester

  • Sound effects adjusted for collecting EVO
  • Problematic spawn locations on Storm Point near map edges removed

EVO Rewards

  • Changes implemented to prevent exploitation during respawning, reviving teammates, and scanning Ring Consoles

Wildlife & NPC

  • Spiders, Prowlers, and other NPCs now adhere to ring rules, take appropriate damage, and are affected by heat shields


  • Dynamic resolution scaling no longer decreases resolution incorrectly
  • Kill Replay: Phantom healing UI issues resolved
  • Various weapon issues fixed
  • Mirage’s Heirloom “Too Much Witt” name now displayed correctly
  • Loot quality within Icarus ship’s vault no longer affected if Solar Array is the Hot Zone
  • Consistent placement display in Ranked after player or squad wipe
  • Performance improvements after consecutive games
  • Wattson’s pylons now properly interrupted by large doors
  • Invisible collision issue at Monument on World’s Edge resolved


  • Ammo refunded if extended magazine removed
  • New VO line for Crypto when drone destroyed by environment
  • Default Legend pick displayed to teammates
  • NEW Firing Range options added
  • Reduced FPS stuttering
  • Reactives now appear at the top of lists and have a shimmer effect

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