5 best BGMI players from Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) May 2022

BGMI’s esports landscape has reached an all-time high, given that tournaments and scrums are held frequently. Some teams participate in multiple events every day. Millions of fans from across the country flock to the tournament organizers’ YouTube and LOCO channels to watch their favorite stars fight on the virtual battlefield to become champions. The recently concluded BMOC saw 32 invited teams battle against the top 32 qualified teams to qualify for the upcoming BMPS. Many teams faltered and succumbed to the pressure of the tournament. While some of the sides performed exceptionally well, some of their players delivered the best performances of their careers. 5 best BGMI players from Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) May 2022

Who were the top performers in the recently concluded BGMI tournament BMOC 2022?

1) Nakul

Nakul is a perfect example of a player who has worked his way up to being a recognized T1 BGMI esports player. Currently, Nakul conducts his trade for one of the largest organizations in the Indian gaming community, Global Esports.


Nakul competed in Round 4 of the Battleground Mobile Open Challenge as GE’s primary attacker. His exploits helped GE earn a total of 109 points. He finished the tournament with 22 finishes, placing himself at the top of the finish leaderboard.

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2) Goblin

The Goblins were drafted into Team Soul from Team Insane Esports following the conclusion of BGIS 2021 and have since played a frontline attacker at the crowd-favourite side. The Goblins, along with their teammates, participated in Round 4 of the BMOC 2022 as an invited team. Although Team Soul was drafted into Group 2, where teams such as Team XO, Enigma Gaming and Godlike Esports were present, the Goblins’ performance helped their team finish. Topped the leaderboard with 94 total points.


The official caster, Ankit Kumar “Ankiibot” Pandey, referred to him as a “Goblin” as a result of the Goblin’s 12 solo finishes in the first Erangel match.

He wiped out Godlike Esports with a delicate grenade when he exhausted all his ammunition in previous fights, highlighting his confidence and prowess as a great assaulter. He finished the tournament with a total of 19 finishes.

3) Punk

Team XO is synonymous with consistency in BGMI’s esports. The team finished second in Group 2 of BMOC in Round 4 with 84 points. However, this wouldn’t have been possible without Sensei’s great rotation and zone-holding skills, with Punk’s insane opening and hitting ability.
Punk is widely regarded in the Indian gaming community as one of the game’s finest assaulters. Silencing all his critics, Punk finished third on BMOC’s finish leaderboard with a total of 18 finishes.
With the BMPS starting tomorrow (May 19), it will be worth seeing if Punk can replicate his performance in the upcoming tournament as well.

4) Joker

Following his stint with Team Mayavi, Joker is now an important member of Global Esports’s BGMI esports roster. His insane tracing skills have led many critics to wrongly consider him a hacker. However, time and again the Joker has proved his mettle and outplayed the enemies by playing fair.


In the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge, Joker finished in the top 5 on the finish leaderboard with 17 finishes. The Joker’s performance in the first Erangel match of Round 4, amidst several brilliant clutches, will be etched in the audience’s mind for a long time.

5) Akshat

Akshat is widely regarded as one of the most aggressive players on the BGMI esports circuit. He has been a constant feature on the MVP leaderboards of many third-party tournaments. His impressive performance in Round 4 of BMOC also highlights why he is considered a valuable asset.
Akshat was the longest-lived from his team in three out of six matches and earned significant points for Team Soul. He finished the tournament with a total of 16 finishes. With BMPS launching soon, he will definitely be a player to watch.


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