Every Hokage in Naruto

Not every Hokage in Naruto deserves the title and is able to fulfill his duties. In fact, some did not even wish to start the position, while some were ineligible. However, each Hokage is chosen for a reason. Usually, they embody the Will of Fire, be it in their actions or ambitions. Protecting the village should always be a top priority for any leader and this is also a factor that needs attention. Shinobi usually receive this title if they are deemed the strongest in their village, as they have trained all their lives with the aim of protecting it. To become a Hokage one only has to embody the Spirit of the Leaf. Social status is insignificant. Every Hokage in Naruto, ranked from most capable to least

Every Hokage in Naruto ranked by capability, including Tsunade

1) Hashirama

Hashirama unites the various shinobi to form a village hidden in the leaves. As the First Hokage, Hashirama worked tirelessly with Madara to create a peaceful environment. At the time of his birth, the world was ruled by a division of clans, and he saw how his friendship with Madara Uchiha was forbidden. Therefore, he sought to destroy the old traditions and usher in an era of peace.
Hashirama personally trained the Third Hokage. His influence continued even after his death.

2) Tobirama

Tobiram was the exact opposite of Hashirama, as he was much more straightforward. His practical nature helped him to shape the leaf. He said that the curse of Uchihas’ abhorrence hindered progress in the long run. So, he forced them out by forcing them to be Konoha’s police force. This decision fueled him a deep resentment towards Konoha that would boil over in a few decades.

3) Hiruzen

The Third Hokage Hiruzen is regarded by many fans as a bad leader. Despite living for a long time, he could not make an impact like the rest.
His atrocities were exposed at the moment of his decision not to execute Orochimaru, which triggered his downfall. He tried to mend his actions, but it hurt his soul. Hiruzen used the Reaper Death Seal on him during an intense battle, but he wasn’t strong enough to seal him completely. Hiruzen had to give up his life as part of the contract, while only eating Orochimaru’s weapons.

4) Minato

Minato was chosen as the Fourth Hawkage because of his honesty and bravery. He was very much loved in the village. When Nine Tails was uncovered, Kushina and he sacrificed themselves to save the village. She performed the Reaper Death Seal which would eventually eat her soul.

5) Tsunade

Hashirama’s granddaughter, Tsunade, was a powerful healing ninja who healed hundreds of shinobi and earned the title of sanin before becoming the Hokage.
As the Hokage, he bravely fought Madara Uchiha along with the other Kage. When they were too wounded to fight, she held up quite well against the slain Uchiha.

6) Kakashi

Kakashi was not expected to become the Sixth Hokage, yet he accepted the role after the Fourth Shinobi World War. He did substantial work and led the village during a peaceful and stable era. Trained under Minato, Kakashi was already a prodigious talent. However, his skill as a shinobi reached great heights when Obito gave him his Sharingan.

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7) Naruto

Kurama, the vessel for Naruto Uzumaki, suffered endlessly for many years. However, he never lost his determination to one day occupy the seat of the Hokage. After successfully becoming Lord Seventh, he races to the source of the problem and defends the village with his life when the Leaf is threatened by an alien race. His legacy is just the beginning.

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