MJF's AEW contract soon to end

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as MJF, continues to be a sought-after star in the world of professional wrestling.

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By Blesson Daniel | Aug 25, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as MJF, continues to be a sought-after star in the world of professional wrestling. He recently provided insight into his AEW contract and his expectations for the future.

Appearing on “Hot Ones” alongside his tag team partner and opponent Adam Cole, MJF revealed the expiration date of his AEW contract. With an air of confidence, he stated, “January 1, 2024, they better back up the goddamn Brinks truck, okay pal?”

MJF didn’t shy away from expressing his worth, asserting that his upcoming contract negotiations should reflect his stature. He emphasized, “Realistically, I know that there’s a lot of money that’s going to be thrown my way from both sides, I’m not accepting anything under 7 figures. I won’t even make eye contact with a contract that’s under 7 figures.”

MJF – Past earnings and Potential shifts

Reports from the previous year indicated that MJF’s current AEW contract already surpasses $1 million annually. Despite this, MJF’s aspirations have extended beyond AEW. He openly entertained the idea of joining WWE, even addressing it on AEW television. His dynamic presence and candid discussions have added intrigue to his future decisions.

As the wrestling landscape evolves, MJF isn’t the sole AEW star whose contract timelines are in focus. Dustin Rhodes’ contract is set to conclude in September 2024, and commentator Jim Ross’ current AEW tenure is also nearing its end. Additionally, wrestling icon Sting has hinted at retirement upon the conclusion of his AEW contract this year.

With the All In show on the horizon, MJF faces a packed schedule. He is primed for a multi-faceted performance, joining forces with Adam Cole to challenge the Aussie Open for the ROH World Tag Team titles. In a testament to his versatility, MJF will also clash with his partner in the main event and put his AEW World title on the line.

As MJF’s contract timeline becomes a focal point and his aspirations reverberate across the industry, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await the evolution of this captivating storyline.

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