Betting Breakdown: The Most Memorable Markets to Wager On

One reason betting is now becoming more mainstream is thanks to the repeal of a federal ban on sports betting in the US.

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By Karthik Raman | Feb 2, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Sports betting is becoming an increasingly popular pastime for sports fans. In reality, this type of hobby isn’t anything new. In fact, archaeologists have found betting slips from Ancient Roman horse races that date back millennia. However, due to legalities and regulations, not all sports fans have had immediate access to reliable oddsmakers and betting slips.

One reason betting is now becoming more mainstream is thanks to the repeal of a federal ban on sports betting in the US. Slowly but surely, more and more sports fans are exploring the world of free bets and bonus deals. For example, sites like make it easy to peruse some of the top offers from leading US sportsbooks, including major brands like BetMGM.

Still, despite the uptick in betting markets from providers and added betting action from sports fans, every sportsbook has its own focus. Certain platforms focus on daily fantasy sports, while others stick to international leagues like Formula One and ODIs in cricket. Others might venture out into even more unique and specific territory, offering lines on regional competitions and other local favorites.

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to betting markets? Take a look at our list of the most memorable markets ever offered by trusted sportsbooks. You may be surprised by what you find.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

As with other mentions on this list, one of the primary criteria for a sportsbook offering lines is the presence of an organizing body. So long as a sport or hobby has an official rubric and governing officials, sportsbooks can consider opening a market—even on games like rock, paper, scissors. 

Enter the World Rock Paper Scissors Association, the official organizing body for competitions. The association is active worldwide and hosts annual championship competitions in the US, Europe, and Canada. While not every sportsbook offers lines on the championships, it’s not uncommon to find a temporary market open when the main event comes to town.

Awards Shows

Not all sports betting has to do with sports. In fact, dozens of sportsbooks offer lines on awards shows like The Grammys and the Oscars. While it might seem outlandish, there’s quite a bit of data and insights for oddsmakers to sort through. In other words, they have the relevant materials to select favorites and underdogs for markets like Best Actress, Best New Album, and more. 

However, aside from determining outright winners, bettors can also weigh in on things like what celebrities will wear, along with what they can expect to hear from winners during their acceptance speeches. While this might seem like a fringe interest, some larger oddsmakers like Bovada regularly focus on these types of non-sporting markets.

Super Bowl Props

Let’s stick with non-sporting outcomes for a moment. The NFL’s Super Bowl Championship Game regularly attracts over 100 million viewers, and many of them aren’t actually tuned in because they care about the sport. The Super Bowl is also known for its hugely popular halftime show and reel of commercials from major brands.

If you’re intrigued by the Super Bowl for its pop culture appeal, then check out Super Bowl prop markets. These lines focus on anything except the game’s outcomes, allowing casual fans to wager on things like what the National Anthem performer will wear, which commercials will be shown first, and in what order the halftime performer will belt out their top hits.


For those who don’t follow the Harry Potter series, quidditch is a mythical game in which sporty wizards zoom around on broomsticks. Hardcore fans have since flipped this game into a real-life hobby. In fact, there are now separate quidditch leagues in North America and Europe, including Major League Quidditch and the Quidditch Premier League, respectively. 

Though this might be wholly surprising for those who are just learning about quidditch, it’s been around for well over a decade. And some sportsbooks have been tuning in to offer lines—as early as 2011, in certain cases. However, given the highly niche nature of this game, don’t expect to find markets on quidditch from major oddsmakers.