Jason Kelce's Retirement Tribute: Campbell’s Chunky Unveils Limited-Edition “Legend Edition” Can

A limited-edition "Legend Edition Can" honoring Eagles center Jason Kelce's effect on the city as well as his incredible 13-season.

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A limited-edition “Legend Edition Can” honoring Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce’s effect on the city as well as his incredible 13-season NFL career has been introduced by Campbell’s Chunky in a touching remembrance of the legendary football player.

A Can with Character

Campbell’s Chunky is making sure that Jason Kelce is forever captured in the memories of football fans as well as on their kitchen shelves as he says goodbye to the NFL. Campbell’s classic red-and-white design may be elevated to a dynamic masterpiece with Eagles-inspired flair with the “Legend Edition”. The iconic bushy beard and expressive eyebrows of Kelce can be seen clearly in the characteristic green, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the adored player. Kelce’s name and jersey number, 62, are prominently featured on top of the can, and his signature is etched on it to give it a personalized touch.

I’m honored Campbell’s Chunky created this ‘Legend Edition’ can to celebrate me and my football career,” Kelce said in an expression of appreciation. This limited edition may be used as a material way to show gratitude for all that Kelce has done for the Philadelphia Eagles and his commitment to the game.

Limited Collectibles and a Generous Gesture

There’s a catch for those hoping to obtain this unique collector’s item: just 620 fortunate admirers will have the opportunity. The giveaway gives a touch of exclusivity to the festivities. It is scheduled to begin on Thursday at 6 a.m. ET on campbellschunkylegendedition.com and expires on Thursday, March 28 at 11:59 p.m. ET. On Tuesday, April 2, the winners of the much sought-after “Legend Edition” cans will be revealed.

But the commemorative cans aren’t the end of the festivities. With a $62,000 donation, Campbell’s Chunky is significantly supporting Kelce’s charity, (Be)Philly. (Be)Philly is a non-profit organization that Kelce started with the goal of supporting children in Philadelphia public schools. It was established in 2022. “I’m honored that Campbell’s Chunky is not only celebrating my career but also supporting (Be)Philly, a cause I’ve put a lot of heart into,” Kelce said in a passionate statement expressing his devotion to the organization.

A Farewell to a Storied Career

Outside of the field, Jason Kelce’s influence is felt deeply as he ends his remarkable NFL career. His retirement marks the end of 13 seasons, but it also represents a career that included seven Pro Bowl selections, six first-team All-Pro choices, and the ultimate accomplishment of a Super Bowl triumph. With origins in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, the Philadelphia Eagles center gave his all during the game and left a lasting impact.

During an emotional press conference held at the Philadelphia Eagles Training Center, Kelce revealed the extent of his football devotion. His exit is significant in ways beyond numbers, it captures the spirit of commitment and teamwork that characterizes a period in sports. As Kelce’s playing career comes to an end, his legacy will live on as a monument to the game’s eternal ability to bring people together, inspire hope, and leave a lasting legacy of victory in the hearts of both supporters and fellow sportsmen.

When Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles center, tearfully announced his retirement from the NFL, the emotional resonance extended beyond himself to his brother Travis Kelce. Both present at the press conference, Travis visibly shed a few tears, underscoring the profound bond they share. The Kelce brothers, emerging from a small family with limited relatives, have been inseparable throughout their lives.

Jason accentuated the unique closeness they experienced, poignantly stating, “Our family is small. One aunt, one uncle, and no cousins. My brother and I have been like that our entire lives.” This poignant connection became even more evident as they navigated the transformative journey from youth sports competitions to achieving glory in the NFL, rendering Jason’s retirement a deeply sentimental and significant moment for both brothers.

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