From Formula One to space: Lewis Hamilton reveals interest in flying SpaceX ship

“I am going, yes, at some stage, but I’ll let some other people go first because those things blow up on the way up," the Brit said.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning the Brazil GP. (Image: Twitter/@LewisHamilton)
By Nilavro Ghosh | Apr 25, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Lewis Hamilton’s driving prowess has frequently been referred to as “out of this world,” and after announcing plans for a trip to space, the seven-time world champion may soon be there as well. More than 50 years after the first humans landed on the moon, interest in space travel has increased to the point where several independent companies are now planning missions alongside NASA, the US government agency.

Elon Musk, who recently ranked as the second-wealthiest person in the world by Bloomberg and Forbes and also serves as the CEO of Twitter and the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, founded one of those businesses, SpaceX. Hamilton stated that he has spoken to Musk for some time and is eager to put his name in the hat for a trip to space, despite the fact that SpaceX’s preparations are picking up steam, including a recent launch attempt for their Starship rocket in Texas.

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“Elon’s been to my party in Austin the last two years,” said the Mercedes driver during the Australian Grand Prix weekend. “It’s like a dinner party I’ve had, and I’d have these people come around. It’s not the easiest thing to speak to someone like that, because his mind is expanded, it’s on such another level, you know, so I get all nervous when I’m talking to him. Of course, I talked to him about did we land on the Moon? Where are we going next?”

Speaking of his intentions of going up in space, the seven-time world champion said that he was ready to leave the earth’s atmosphere at any stage. “I am going, yes, at some stage, but I’ll let some other people go first because those things blow up on the way up,” the Brit said. “He’s talking about going to Mars, but I’m ready to go to space at any stage. I told him that I’d fly the ship, but I think it’s all automated!”

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Fernando Alonso believes that despite their strong start to the season, Aston Martin must maintain their composure. The Spaniard anticipates that the standings will change a little bit over the following races as teams start to introduce significant upgrade packages. Aston Martin, which is based in Silverstone, is currently 58 points behind Red Bull in the constructors’ championship after Alonso finished third in each of the season’s first three races. Alonso has adapted quickly to life at Aston Martin.

Speaking after the Australian Grand Prix, Alonso said: “I think Mercedes, they’ve also been strong in Jeddah, to be honest. I was within one tenth of George [Russell], fighting to get this extra five seconds or whatever at the end, so it was very, very close. It seems that qualifying is quite important now, because race pace is very similar, and I think now we enter into a part of the season that is going to be very interesting – which team is developing the car faster?”