Wolves Esports Win back to back Stages And Become The First Organisation In Rainbow Six European League

By Shubham Dalal | Nov 3, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The Wolves Esports Rainbow Six Sieges team from English Premier League football club Wolves has created history by winning the latest European league. Wolves today won the third tier of the 2022 European League, earning them €15,000 in prize money and 225 Six Invitational Global Points.They were ahead of Team BDS, UK-based esports organization MNM Gaming and Veer, who finished second, third and fourth respectively in the standings. Wolves Esports went on to win Stage 2 of the European League in the summer, meaning they have achieved historic back-to-back victories in European league stages.

In this article we you all information about the Wolves esports becomes the first organisation in Rainbow six European league after win the back to back stages.

Wolves Esports Win The Back To Back Stages :

Wolves esports manager Michael ‘Duck’ Moriarty, a veteran of the UK esports scene (CSGO in particular), said on Twitter: “Have not been in the sport very long and are already making history. Not going to stop anytime soon Thank you #OnePack.”Wolves Esports Siege Manager Robin ‘Robz’ Planas said: “Siege is very proud to be the first team in European League history to become back to back stage champions.

This is a huge success for the lineup, as they missed the 2022 Six Invitational earlier this year. It will also be the first of six invitational events for the majority of this roster, while BiBooAF has participated in the first two, and Riese has played in three.

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Twitte By ROBZ, Wolves Esports : “Huge work from the players in this tournament ,from wolves esports staff and as always ,my biggest thank you for all my fans and our esports team fans.You guys stick with us along the Journey,it means so much”.


He has qualified for the Six Jönköping Major to be held in Sweden from 21 November to 27 November 2022. They are one of the top siege teams in the world with the likes of MNM, BDS, TSM, team participating in the Major. Liquid, FaZe and more. In addition to back-to-back stage victories, their players are also the only European league team to finish in the top four in each stage this season, as Rainbow Six Liquidia editor Heno reported.

Wolves Esports Manager Michael ‘Duck’ Moriarty said: “It is a pleasure to bring the LFO roster to Wolves Esports. Rainbow Six is an esports title I have had my eye on for a few years now, and as we expand our European esports offering At one point, the title was my first choice.If you like this article and helpful then don’t forget the article share with you friends.

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