Where to find the Heavy Chopper in Warzone 2?

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 20, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Warzone 2 includes a broad collection of vehicles that teams can utilize to obtain around the map effectively. Even though CoD’s battle royale is full of cars and boats that are frequently susceptible to gunfire, gamers can also take to the skies by utilizing the helicopters and choppers. Where to find the Heavy Chopper in Warzone 2.

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We have everything that you must know about the Heavy Chopper’s location in the game.

The question is to know where to find the Heavy Chopper in Warzone 2?

Sadly, the Heavy Chopper can’t now be discovered in the game as it has been inactivated by makers Raven Software. As per their official declaration, the vehicle was made deactivated in order to equalize its efficiency in late-game methods.

Its inactivation arrives after the collective uproar from the community relates to its unreasonable advantages. Teams that are eligible to take influence of this aircraft often have a big benefit, particularly in the last phases of a match. Due to its stability, gamers can keep up within the vehicle without worry of receiving shot. Once the last circle falls, they can just rain in amazement from the skies on unfamiliar teams.

A lot of responses under the official post have acclaimed the decision from Raven Software. OpTic TeeP, a well-known CoD streamer, had this to explain about the fix: “Another nice one. Thank you for the quick fix on this.” Other reactions have also had no bad things but optimistic statements to say about the decision from the makers.

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