VALORANT 2022 Recall Pass event: Get all the details here

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 19, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


2022 is going to end soon, Riot Games is enjoying one more prosperous year of Valorant with a year-end event. The event will add a fresh Recall Event Pass, a squad boost bonus, and more. VALORANT 2022 Recall Pass event: Get all the details here.

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Let’s see what exactly VALORANT has in store for gamers.

VALORANT 2022 Recall Pass rewards list is here

The Valorant 2022 Recall Pass will carry with it a ton of zero of cost cosmetics items for the gamers to gather. Here’s a full list of all the rewards that gamers will be eligible to obtain from this year’s Recall Pass:

  • Walis Tambo Gun Buddy
  • Fakeout Spray
  • Two Event-Exclusive Titles
  • Two Event-Exclusive Player cards

Gamers can receive XP to advance the Recall Pass by just playing Valorant in the event time period. 

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Gamers can receive bonus XP in the event period when queuing in a party with other gamers. Here’s the quantity of bonus XP that you can obtain by queuing with your team mates.

  • Duos get an 8% bonus XP
  • Trios get a 12% bonus XP
  • Parties of 4 get 16% bonus XP
  • Parties of 5 get 20% bonus XP

VALORANT 2022 Recall Pass launch date:

To obtain the rewards in the Valorant 2022 Recall Event Pass, you just need to play the game in the time period of0 December 14, 4 PM PT, and January 4, 4 PM PT to receive XP.

So what is stopping you from grabbing all the rewards? Get your friends together and be ready to queue some Valorant, get engaged in the Recall Pass, and receive some amazing event-exclusive items.

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