What Happened In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251?

Many readers have been waiting for Haruchiyo's take on Mikey's actions, but it appears that they will have to wait a little longer.

By Aaryanshi Mohan | Apr 27, 2022 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Readers got what they wanted in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251 when Kokonoi finally came to Inui’s aid. Not only that, but Hanma and Mikey join the fight by engaging in individual battles. However, no information about Senju or Takemichi has been revealed in this chapter. What Happened In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251?

Chapter 251 of Tokyo Revengers is more introspective than the previous four chapters. It also answers several questions about Kokonoi’s trauma and the unhealthy coping mechanisms he developed as a result. Hanma’s brief conversation raises more questions about Time Leaps.

What Happened In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 251?

Kokonoi and Inui finally on the same side, Mikey orders Hanma to join the battle

Atsushi defeated Madarame in the previous chapter, but Senju was defeated by Sanju. Sanju dismissed Senju’s apology, telling her that she knew nothing about Mikey’s impulses. In other news, Benkei joined Wakasa in their fight against Inui, while Kokonoi stood by, worried about his friend.

“Get Out of Hand” is the title of Tokyo Revengers chapter 251.

Inui’s anger towards Benkei and Wakasa

Koko warns Inui to leave the battle in Tokyo Revengers chapter 251. Inui is enraged that Benkei and Wakasa have joined the Kantou Manji gang. He recalls their days as 1st Generation Black Dragons and demands answers for their current positions.

Inui punches Wakasa and Benkei in the face, yelling that the 2nd Generation of Toman has the same spirit as Shinichiro’s beloved gang, which is why he has chosen to follow Takemichi. While Wakasa appears to be guilty, Benkei is irritated and strikes Inui. Inui, helpless, appeals to Kokonoi for assistance, addressing him as his:

“One true friend.”

Kokonoi’s epiphany

Koko appears to be frozen in place with worry as he watches the two former Black Dragons mercilessly beat Inui. While he wishes to intervene, he realises that it may be too late, given his choice of Kantou Manji Gang. Furthermore, he has always prioritised Akane over Seishu, which Koko is aware of and feels guilty about.

Koko, on the other hand, is startled into an epiphany when Inui calls out to him. Akane’s vision thanks him for everything he’s done and encourages him to live his own life and make his own decisions. Kokonoi realises that clinging to Akane’s memories and refusing to see Seishu properly has made him stubborn.


Kokonoi shifts his priorities, shielding Inui from Benkei’s punch and knocking out the former Black Dragon member. Inui is understandably pleased, and despite Kokonoi’s description of him as a troublesome fellow, he appears to be equally pleased to be on the same side as his friend.

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Hanma and Mikey join the battle

In Tokyo Revengers chapter 251, Mikey can be seen surveying the battle from atop a rail bridge. Mikey, dissatisfied with the turn of events, directs Hanma to take care of things. Hanma cheerfully obeys the command, removing his mask and revealing that he is unharmed beneath it.

Chifuyu is dragging an injured but triumphant Atsushi when Hakkai and Mitsuya come across him. They congratulate each other on their victories, but Hanma appears in front of them. He challenges all four to a fight, referring to them as “survivors of death.”

Chapter 251 of Tokyo Revengers explains that Kokonoi’s trauma over Akane was not solely caused by Inui. It also establishes that everyone deals with their problems in their own time. It will be interesting to see how Koko and Inui respond to Wakasa.

Hanma refers to Mitsuya and others as “survivors of death,” implying that he is aware of their deaths from the original timeline. It becomes clearer and clearer that Hanma is a Time-Leaper. It would also explain how Kisaki was aware of time-travel and recognised Takemichi as one.


Senju is not mentioned in Tokyo Revengers chapter 251. Many readers have been waiting for Haruchiyo’s take on Mikey’s actions, but it appears that they will have to wait a little longer. Takemichi’s conflict with Kakucho is also unresolved.

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