Ways to complete the challenger SBC in FIFA 22

Here is the detailed guide about the conidtions that need to be fulfilled in order to complete the challenger SBC.

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FIFA 22 was released on October 1, 2021. This year’s FIFA comes with a lot of new additions including the highly-revered Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

“Fifa 22 offers millions of fans around the world an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the sport they love,” said Nick Wlodyka, general manager of EA Sports Fifa. “Each player has their own way of experiencing FIFA, but on-pitch gameplay is the unifying constant, so we’re excited to offer deep innovation there. HyperMotion elevates that even further on next-gen consoles and Stadia and completely changes the feel of the game.”

SBCs are nothing but new team building challenges where players will be given an opportunity to build teams that would have players, anywhere from 4 to 11 players to gain rewards. The main catch while making this said team is that the players have to be made by abiding to a certain guidelines and rules. Despite this, SBCs remain an extremely rewarding way to add to your card collection to FIFA 22 ultimate team.

“The Challenger” SBC is available in the “League and Nation Hybrid” section of FIFA 22. It consists of players from different nations and playing style, who can be used to make the XI which gifts one rare mixed players pack. Rewards from “The Challenger” are a great way to boost your starting XI or earn some extra coins at the start of the season.

Here is the detailed guide about the conidtions that need to be fulfilled in order to complete the challenger SBC.

FIFA 22: “The Challenger” SBC guide

Main Section: League and Nation Hybrid

Challenge Requirements:

  • Exactly 2 nationalities in the squad
  • Exactly 3 leagues in the squad
  • Only a maximum of 6 players can be present from the same nation
  • A maximum of 6 players can be present from the same league
  • Exactly gold players
  • Exactly 100 team chemistry

The challenger SBC appears intimidating at first, but it is easily broken down. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to complete this SBC, and the vibrant FIFA 22 community has already come up with a number of them.

Step 1:

In FIFA 22, the Challenger SBC plays a 4-4-2 flat system with two CMs, one LM, one RM, and two STs up top. The initial objective is to get the players into the proper positions.

Step 2:

The SBC in FIFA 22 is a little difficult due to the criterion of 100 team camaraderie. There can only be a total of 6 players from the same country or league. In the XI, the goal is to have two little teams. Both teams should be from the same country, with leagues in between, in order to extract as many green linkages as feasible.

Step 3:

It’s critical to pick the correct leagues, nations, and players. It is not encouraged to use players from leagues or nations with little cards, or to use players with high total cards. One league should have one player that fits the nationality part but plays in a different league than the other.

Step 4:

Get your players together and attempt to be as frugal as possible. To finish this SBC, players should not have to spend more than 5k coins. Combining Serie A players with players from the Mexican league is a fantastic combo. Daniel Caligiuri, who plays in the Bundesliga, will be the player from the third league. Of course, there are other options for finishing this SBC, but this one may be the most cost-effective.

Another excellent option is to combine Switzerland and Portugal, which is now more expensive.

Players can also complete squads on their own using the cards they currently have, potentially saving a lot of money.

Step 5:

Once you have filled your squad, do not forget to press “exchange players” in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC section to receive the pack.

Most awaited players

Kylian Mbappe headlines the list of fastest players in FIFA 22, and the Paris Saint-Germain star also features in this year’s list of five-star skillers.

Mbappe is placed as the fastest player in the newest version of the game, while he’s also among a list of nine players with the highest level of skill moves in the game.

Cover star Mbappe finds himself as the fastest player in the game, checking in with a blistering 97 pace rating. Just behind him are Wolves star Traore and Bayern Munich speedster Davies at 96, while James, Hakimi and Vinicius have all been given 95 pace.

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