Ways To Complete New BGMI 2.0 Core Circle Achievement

BGMI 2.0 update has everyone up and alert on their toes. Players are engaged in the game, they are pushing rank and are enjoying the new auto recall update because they don’t have to rely on their teammates to recall them. The update has also come with an achievement mission that players can complete in order to get an achievement missions points that are going to contribute towards their overachiever Tag or just increase achievement points in the game. The BGMI x Evangelion update has missions that players should ideally complete so that they can obtain the points. Here is how you can complete the New BGMI 2.0 Core Circle Achievement mission with ease.

Ways To Complete New BGMI 2.0 Core Circle Achievement

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While these missions look extremely tough to decipher, one can easily understand them once they get into the game and understand which zone is called what. These achievements can be done by completing simple missions.

BGMI 2.0 Core Circle Achievement

Visit the Defense Fortresses three times in total: Players can find 3 Defense Fortresses in Erangel and players have to land on these locations and then they can go to the other two Fortresses and complete the mission in a match.

Open Supply Crates three times in total: The Supply Crates in this achievement are the ones that are found inside Defense Fortresses and not the ones that we find in the shop. After the Angel destroys the Fortresses, players must visit three Defense Fortresses and open the crates.

BGMI 2.0 Core Circle Achievement

Visit EVA Launch Pad three times: To complete this mission, players must visit one of the three EVA Launch Pads scattered throughout the map. They can choose to jump on these or they can visit them after landing at different places.

Eliminate five enemies: This mission can be completed while players are doing other missions. Players just have to kill any 5 enemies in the game.

BGMI 2.0 Core Circle Achievement

Survive for a total of 30 minutes: Since the new update has less number of players in the lobby, surviving in the mode for 30 mins would mean you will have to play the game at least twice and survive for 15 mins or more.

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