Warzone 2: Where can players use Canal Apartment 103 key in DMZ?

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode comes with a lot of goodies to find spread across Al Mazrah.

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Warzone 2’s DMZ mode comes with a lot of goodies to find spread across Al Mazrah. Players will have to find over 60 keys in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, and one of the keys unlocks a particular door. However, this door is very difficult to find. In this article, we will discuss just that.

The game has just so many keys for players to find, it could be sometimes hard to find the one players are looking for. So, let’s have a look at where you can use this key.

Where to use Canal Apartment 103 key in DMZ?

The Canal Apartment 103 key opens a specific door that players will find in Al Mazrah, they will be able to tell which door it is, just by looking at the writing in the middle of it. In order to find where to go, players just simply need to look at the key. It’ll show the green numbers saying F3, which means players will have to get in a car and mozy on up to F3 on the map.

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There are a lot of different buildings in this particular area. Players should go to the bridge in the center of F3. If players are looking at the map, they need to go to the northeast side of the bridge, to the apartments beside it.

Players will have to find a car park and once they enter through the back, they will have to go and look for the door with white and black writing on it. That’s where they will find the loot, once they open it, their tasks will be completed.

How to find or buy Stronghold Keycards in DMZ

Players can choose two different ways to obtain Stronghold Keycards in DMZ. Firstly, they can obtain it through sheer luck or using cash. Opponents get a chance to drop Stronghold Keycards when they get killed, and they can be found on the ground next to their equipment. These players have a distinctive blue hue to them when seen closely, so if players can see a blue glint, they are in luck.

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