COD DMZ: How can players get Stronghold Keys?

DMZ in the Call of Duty franchise is similar to Escape From Tarkov.

credit: Activision
By Rohit Kohli | Dec 7, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


DMZ in the Call of Duty franchise is similar to Escape From Tarkov. It changes the rules of engagement by mixing hordes of AI combatants with only a handful of players. All squads in the area are fighting for survival and some loot.

Thanks to its PvE component, DMZ enables players to take on AI-controlled enemies, which can take players by surprise if they don’t know what to expect. The war in Al Mazrah means factions have Strongholds, which players can sneak into for some loot and exciting action. However, they will need a keycard to get in.

In this article, we will discuss how players can get Stronghold Keycards.

How to find or buy Stronghold Keycards in DMZ

Players can opt for two ways to obtain Stronghold Keycards in DMZ: first through sheer luck or using cash. Opponents get a chance to drop Stronghold Keycards when they get killed, and they can be found on the ground next to their equipment. These players have a distinctive blue hue to them when seen closely, so if players can see a blue glint, they are in luck.

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Secondly, players can head to a Buy Station and buy a Stronghold Keycard for $5,000. They are available with other available gear, so if players do not wish to keep shooting enemies until they get a Stronghold Key, buying one is the best way.

Whether players purchase a Stronghold Keycard or loot it off an fallen opponent, they will be able to carry it around in their inventory and use it to open a Stronghold they prefer. Entering a Stronghold will prompt a warning to all players, stating a squad is trying to take control of a Stronghold in that location.

Getting hold of a Stronghold Keycard is essential for the Storm the Stronghold tier-one faction mission for the Legion. It is an important step from players in their DMZ journey. Finishing this mission will unlock the second tier of Legion faction missions, alongside opening up the first grade of missions for the White Lotus. Additionally, players are also required to clear a Stronghold and extract the important White Lotus Intel located within it.

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