Tyler1 explains why League streamers are now quitting the game

Twitch star streamer Tyler1 has given his verdict on why top League of Legends streamers are quitting the game.

Tyler1, Image credit: Twitch/Tyler1
By Amruth Kalidas | Nov 26, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Twitch star streamer Tyler1 has given his verdict on why top League of Legends streamers are quitting, claiming the game is in a worse state right now than it’s ever been.

Tyler1 has never held back when criticizing his beloved League of Legends.

When Riot Games said they has no issues with their champion balance on release, Tyler said he was going to punch his computer monitor out of frustration.

Luckily he didn’t, but now he has made more comments on the current state of the game, and why streamers are giving up League for good.

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Tyler1 on why streamers are quitting League

A viewer on Twitch asked Tyler if League streamers were falling off, to which he responded: “No, I just think this game is garbage to f**kin’ stream. It’s miserable. So people stop streaming it. You know the games’ dogs**t as is, which is true, it’s terrible. One of the worst states it’s ever been in. And ALSO streaming it?”

Tyler made the caveat about streaming League, and said: “Unless you’re mentally f***ing ill like me, it’s very hard.”

The Twitch streamer also went on to talk at length about League’s community.

He noted: “It’s just that the community is bastardized, all the kids in your game, all the enemy kids you play with, plus a lot of these kids can’t stand getting backseat gamed. So then they stream League and make a misplay and chat is just like ‘Yeeaa!! Oh! Nice Q bro!Minus CS!!’, even though the streamer is 200 billion times better than you’ll ever be in your f***in’ wildest dreams.”

The creator also mentioned League is susceptible to a ton of backseat gaming while streaming it, leading to content creators not wanting to play.

Tyler noted that he can handle the constant feedback from chat because he is “mentally ill”, and can deal with it. However, for many, this turn-off has led a ton of streamers to leave the game in the rearview.

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