Tundra Esports Is Now New Dota 2 T1 Champions

By Shubham Dalal | Oct 31, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

After weeks of Dota 2’s impressive gameplay, exceptional team synergies, and knocking out opponents, Tundra Esports managed to get its hands on the Aegis of Champions by sending Team Secret in super impressive fashion. Tundra ended the series with a best-of-five win against Pappy’s team in a 3–0 win.Total 20 teams participated in the International 2022, with the last two coming from the last chance qualifiers. Team Secret and Team Liquid, who won the LCQ slots, managed to make their way to the Lower Bracket Finals, where the former saw off the latter.

Team Secret’s hopes of winning Aegis of Champions were completely dashed. Tundra Esports had an exceptional run in the upper bracket, beating every team except Secret 2–0. Similar dominance was seen in the final, with Tundra winning the series in straight games.In this article we give you all information about the Tundra esports winning grand final and Now,Tundra esports are new Dota 2 T1 Champions .

Tundra esports is now new Dota 2 T1 Champion :

Another chapter of Dota 2 The International comes to its inevitable conclusion after much hype, fanfare, and controversy. The dust has finally settled, and Tundra Esports remains standing, holding the holy Aegis of champions in their hands. No one can deny that the EU team truly deserves the crown.

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Tundra Esports’ performance in the upper bracket until the Grand Finals no doubt showed that the team had impeccable coordination, draft understanding and discipline as they demolished team after team. The role Aui_2000 (coach of Tundra Esports) played is undeniable, becoming the first person to win the Aegis of Champions as a player and coach in Dota 2.

Tundra Esports beat the likes and tactics of Team Secret in each of the three sports. As the panel noted, the idea of adding Wraith Pact and Mage Slayer was an impeccable plan by Tundra to not only reduce Secret’s Leshrac but almost negate it.No matter who Team Secret picked during the drafting phase or how they performed during the early stages of the game, Tundra Esports responded and called off each game altogether. It was clear that the players trusted each other and supported their moves.

Earlier this year, Sportskeeda engaged with Saksaa to discuss their goals with the team. He clearly stated that when the time came he intended to win The International and that his team was successful in doing so.While the post-TI blues will soon settle after the hype and excitement of the past few weeks, Dota 2 fans need not worry. Part 2 of the Battle Pass will be launched in-game soon. The upcoming new hero Murta will be released in early 2023. If you like this article then you share with your friends.

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