Top 5 drop locations in BGMI map Miramar to live longer for a faster rank push in May 2022

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most popular and fastest-growing mobile game in India on a daily basis millions of players are playing the game. Moreover, thousands of people join every day to experience the thrill of Battle Royale mode. As a result, the in game-match lobby is getting tougher day by day. Players can be distinguished in the game by their levels. As a result, many players engage themselves in the task of advancing each season to keep their profiles at the top of the leaderboards. They work hard for days and play several classic mode matches to gradually rank up. Top 5 drop locations in BGMI map Miramar to alive longer for a faster rank push in May 2022.

5 safest BGMI drop locations in Miramar for rank pushers in May 2022

Among the various maps in BGMI, many players prefer to play Miramar’s desert map because it has no room for campers and offers a huge amount of positive points if long-lived. With Cycle 2 Season 5 coming to an end, a lot of players will try their best to reach the Conqueror tier. However, while walking on the map, they must have knowledge of the drop locations which will help them to survive longer and accumulate more points.

1) El Azahar

The urban city of Al Azhar is located on the eastern side of the desert map. Many BGMI players suffer from the misconception that city loot has decreased since the introduction of Miramar 2.0, as a result of which they avoid visiting the city. However, debunking all the myths, the city of Al Azhar has good loot for at least some of the squads. Rank pushers can fall into the city and loot safely in the early stages of matches.

2) Minas Generales

Minas General is located to the south of El Azhar. Despite being a popular drop location chosen by BGMI esports teams, in classic matches, Minas Generales does not enjoy many visitors flocking to the surrounding area to collect loot. This is mainly due to the vastness of the area and the scattered compounds present in it. This paves the way for rank pushers who can quickly fall into place, complete their loot, and live longer.

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3) Campo Militar

Located on the north-eastern corner of the map, Campo Militar is one of BGMI’s most neglected drop locations in Miramar. However, there are many buildings and warehouses in this area that have excellent loot. Rank pushers can safely spin their way to the location and collect level 3 loot. They can also usually find and kill some of the bots that roam the area.

4) Ruins

The dilapidated city of ruins was included in Miramar in version 2.0 of the map. Although it has only a few structures and is located in the northwest corner of the map, there is a lot of loot in this area.
However, since the flight path prefers the Center of the map in most matches, some players rarely move towards the Ruins. This can help rank pushers in BGMI to land in the arena, collect their loot, and move on to matches safely. They may also find some vehicles moving around in the area, which will allow them to move around more easily in a safe area.

5) Monte Nuevo

When the game was played as PUBG Mobile, there were a lot of drop fights in the city of Monte Nuevo as a lot of users preferred to drop into the city to get their hands on the loot. However, since the introduction of BGMI, the scenario has completely changed as the area rarely sees players falling in the vicinity. Passive rank pushers can take down Monte Nuevo and loot safely. In addition, the field mostly resides inside the first couple of safe zones, which enables players to survive for much longer in most matches.

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