Street Fighter 6's Electric Warrior: How to Mastering Blanka

To close the gap and engage in close-range combat, Blanka might need to take more risks, making himself vulnerable to counterattacks.

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Street Fighter 6 introduces an array of diverse characters, each with their own unique playstyles. Blanka has always been a popular choice for players seeking something different. With his crouched posture and electrifying moves, Blanka can punish opponents who attempt to initiate combos with normal attacks. Over the years, Blanka has evolved and gained new strategies to outmaneuver his adversaries. Street Fighter 6’s Electric Warrior: How to Mastering Blanka.

Strengths in Combat: Electrifying Force of Mobility

Blanka possesses exceptional mobility, enabling him to swiftly close the distance between himself and his opponents. His remarkable speed and ranged options make him a formidable character in the game. This mobility advantage also allows him to handle zoners more effectively than other fighters. Blanka’s electric abilities enable him to punish adversaries who attempt to engage in close-range attacks. Additionally, Blanka-chan bomb, a special move unique to Blanka, grants him an advantage when cornered. It becomes a staple move in various setups when playing as Blanka. His wide array of options makes him difficult to predict, catching opponents off guard with unexpected strategies.

Weaknesses in Combat: Adapting Damage Output in Close-Range Combat

To close the gap and engage in close-range combat, Blanka might need to take more risks, making himself vulnerable to counterattacks. Unlike characters such as Luke who can unleash high-speed combos or fighters like Marisa or Zangief who can inflict heavy damage with a single move, Blanka’s damage output varies throughout the fight, adapting to changing situations.

Best Moves & Strategies

Blanka-Chan Bomb

This move involves throwing a Blanka-themed doll that can explode, inflicting damage on the opponent. The doll can be thrown at various distances, granting you control over the field. If your opponent attempts to evade the explosion by jumping, they become vulnerable to a follow-up attack.

Rolling Attack

The Rolling Attack serves as an excellent option to close the distance between you and your opponent, especially when they are recovering from a move. However, it can be risky to use this move when your opponent is in an offensive position. Timing is crucial to successfully execute the Rolling Attack.

Amazon River Run

This normal move delivers a low strike to the opponent and has the longest reach among Blanka’s normal moves. It allows you to bypass numerous projectiles, rendering them useless, while simultaneously closing the distance between you and your adversary. The Amazon River Run is a safer option compared to the Rolling Attack.

Electric Thunder

Executing this move surrounds Blanka with a powerful electric field, punishing adversaries who engage in close-range combat at the wrong moment. Holding down the button extends the duration of the move, enabling multiple hits. However, be cautious as using this move excessively may make you susceptible to opponent projectiles.

Dealing With Opponents at Long Range

When facing opponents who excel at long-range attacks, your Amazon River Run becomes a valuable asset. While advancing, if your opponent launches a projectile like Hadouken or Sonic Boom, you can evade it by sliding underneath and swiftly approach them. Alternatively, you can utilize the Rolling Attack or its variants to close the gap when your opponent is in a recovery phase.

Dealing With Opponents at Short Range

Electric Thunder proves to be an effective tool when confronting opponents who rely on close-range combat for maximum impact. Moreover, the Blanka-chan bomb can halt opponents in their tracks as they approach, creating an opening for your Amazon River Run. If your opponent attempts to counter with a projectile during this sequence, they will be exposed to your attack.

Being Cornered

Blanka possesses the ability to escape the corner without much difficulty. Utilize the Blanka-chan bomb to pressure your opponent, and when an opportunity arises, use either the Rolling Attack or the Amazon River Run to make your way out. These moves represent only a fraction of Blanka’s special moves, but mastering them is crucial for maximizing Blanka’s mobility. Inexperienced opponents may find it overwhelming when faced with a barrage of these moves.

Blanka’s Difficulty Curve

Blanka is not particularly challenging, but he falls into the mid-range in terms of difficulty. Consider him more suitable for players with some experience in the game, rather than beginners. If you plan on playing Blanka extensively, it would be wise to start with Kimberly, who serves as an excellent character for learning the game’s fundamentals. Once you have a good grasp of her playstyle, transition to Blanka with modern controls. For those seeking additional challenges, experiment with JP, a zoner character with similar tricks in their kit.

Blanka, with his distinctive appearance and electrifying moves, offers a unique and exciting playstyle in Street Fighter 6. His exceptional mobility and punishing abilities make him a formidable opponent to face. By utilizing his best moves and strategies effectively, players can master Blanka’s playstyle and dominate their adversaries. Whether you are looking for a character with a different approach or seeking to explore Blanka’s unique capabilities, Street Fighter 6 presents an opportunity to embrace the thrill of playing as this iconic character.

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