STMN eSports Brawlstars Owner, Country, Roster, History, Achievements, Net Worth

STMN Esports is a Mexican esports organization. Founded in 2020, it has grown into one of the greatest Mexican esports organizations related to mobile games. After their consecutive Grand Finals wins against their rival, Tribe Gaming NA STMN Esports have proven themselves to be a prominent force in the NA & LATAM N region. Aptly nicknamed “Boss-Man Bobby,” Bobby has come in 2nd in his region both years at the World Championships and aims to make it to the top. Bobby, along with his teammates Tuni, OG, and Zhar, are one of the friendliest teams in the tournament. Fans and friends – including friends from rival teams like Raz of Tribe Gaming – are at the top of their priorities. They are sponsored by the famous company “Razor”.

Team and Roster

In January 2021, STMN Esports announced their entrance into competitive Brawl Stars with the signing of bobby, OG, Tuni and Alec26 as their squad. On February 19th 2021, JuancaRoyale joined the team as an analyst. On May 9th 2021, Alec26 moved to the coach position and the management started to look for new talent. Finally on May 20th 2021, Zhar joined STMN Esports as fourth player

Active Roster

In Game NameReal NameJoining Date
BobbyDaniel Levitt28-01-2021
OGMatthew Arellano28-01-2021
TuniMalek Jnifene28-01-2021
ZharOlmer Garcia07-02-2021


Brawl Stars World Finals 202128-11-20215-8th$40,000
ESL Mobile Challenge 2021 Fall: NA20-11-20211st$18,000
BrawlMSTRS 2021 Fall: North America19-11-20211st$2,000
Queso Cup Once Upon a Brawl: North America – Division 107-10-20211st$2,901
Brawl Stars Championship 2021: October NA & LATAM-N Finals03-10-20211st$7,500
BrawlMSTRS 2021 Summer: North America13-08-20211st$2,000
Brawl Stars Championship 2021: August NA & LATAM-N Finals08-08-20212nd$3,000
ESL Mobile Challenge 2021 Spring: NA17-07-20212nd$9,000
Brawl Stars Championship 2021: July NA & LATAM-N Finals04-07-20211st$7,500
Brawl Stars Championship 2021: May NA & LATAM-N Finals02-05-20212nd$3,000

Net Worth

Majorly in Brawl Stars, STMN Esports earns from the tournament prize pools, and the total earnings till date are approximately $108,688. Also, there are various brand endorsements and the value is not disclosed by the organization.

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