Team SK Gaming BrawlStars Owner, Country, Roster, History, Achievements, Net Worth

SK Gaming is a German esports organization, they are primarily known for their hugely successful Counter-Strike team. The team is crowned as one of the best teams in the game winning almost all the championships in the EU and EMEA region. Schroet Kommando was founded in 1997 as a German Quake-Clan by siblings Ralf “Griff” Reichert, Tim “Burke” Reichert , Benjamin “Kane” Reichert and four friends in Oberhausen. According to Ralf Reichert, the original naming of the organization arose because one of the members repeatedly shouted, “Schroet!”, which is generally a term for a player playing with a double-shotgun . Since then, the team used the abbreviation SK more frequently until it eventually became SK Gaming​. In 2003, SK Gaming became the first electronic sports organization to contract players, beginning with the SK Sweden Counter-Strike squad. Deutsche Telekom, Mercedes Benz, ARAG, HYLO, Western, Digital, 11teamsports, Nike, EPOS, AMD and Krombacher are some big leading companies that sponsor SK gaming. 

Team and Roster

SK Gaming decided to enter the Brawl Stars arena a little late compared to other big teams. In early 2020, they signed the ex PSG players and formed a team consisting of Yde, Achille, xImSkYRiiKZz and TwistiTwik. As these players were already established they easily took over the EMEA region and dominated it. Then they appointed Pedro Guijarro as their coach and OscarDC as analyst. Currently they have Symantec, GuilleVGX and iKaoss in their team. All these players can be seen among the top 100 on the world leaderboards. They also have their own youtube channels where the upload their trickshots/tips & tricks videos at very high trophy count.

Active Roster

In Game NameReal NameJoining Date
SymantecBekri Tahiri07-02-2021
GuilleVGXGuillem Vidal González18-01-2022
iKaossRuben del Álamo Expósito18-01-2022


Gamestars League Season 2: International Finals26-12-20211st$10,000
ESL Mobile Challenge 2021 Fall: EU-MENA14-11-20211st$18,000
Brawl Stars Championship 2021: October EMEA Finals03-10-20211st$7,500
Brawl Stars Championship 2021: September EMEA Finals05-09-20211st$7,500
ESL Mobile Challenge 2021 Spring: EU-MENA18-07-20211st$18,621
Brawl Stars Championship 2021: July EMEA Finals04-07-20211st$7,500
Brawl Stars World Finals 202022-11-20203-4th$125,000
Brawl Stars Championship 2020: October EMEA Finals03-10-20201st$9,000
Brawl Stars Championship 2020: August EMEA Finals01-08-20201st$9,000
Brawl Stars Championship 2020: April EMEA Finals04-04-20201st$12,000

Net Worth

Majorly in Brawl Stars, SK Gaming earns from the tournament prize pools, and the total earnings till date are approximately $297,843. Also, there are various brand endorsements and the value is not disclosed by the organization

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