Riot addresses the state of new Tank Mythics in League of Legend

Riot Games recently published a post, sharing some thoughts on the current state of tank mythology introduced during the preseason.

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Riot Games recently published a post, sharing some thoughts on the current state of new Tank Mythics in League of Legend. The tanks have received a lot of love in the upcoming Season 13 changes as they have received new mythological items that allow them to distinguish them from their usual construction paths.

After a few weeks of playing some of the new gear that Riot Games has given us, we’re ready to rank which tank items are the biggest winners in the current pre-season. We’ll take a look at the best tank legendary items in League of Legends Season 13. If you need more information about Riot addresses the state of new Tank Mythics then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Riot addresses the state of new Tank Mythics in League of Legend :

The rest of the team made major changes to the tank item at the end of season 12, tuning out pre-existing items as well as introducing new ones.

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The primary goal was to transfer the capabilities of tanks to cultivate and deal with damage from myths to legendary and allow for a more exciting passive. Designer Riot Madness Heroo believes that the goal was achieved and the tank class is in a very healthy condition. “Not only have tanks adapted well to find preseason success in both top and jungle, but we expect players to better learn and understand tank itemization as time passes.” In addition, each new Mythics has powerful individual champion users as well as game states in which they thrive.

The League of Legends’ pre-season patch recently introduced 3 tank items for single laners and support champions as Jak’sho,  Protean, heartsteel and radiant virtues. In addition to these items, existing myths such as iceborne gauntlet, Evenshroud and iron solari locket also found some changes that give the tank class more variety.Finally, the Sunfire Aegis, which was previously the best tank legendary item in the League of Legends, and turbo chemtanks have been demoted as legendary objects instead.

It’s hard to rank the best Tank Legendary items in Season 13 as they are because their functionality works better for mostly specific champions and roles. However, in terms of their general function as tank items, they are universal in how most champions would prefer them over other myths present in the game. Let’s rank them as to which item Tanks would prefer to use in the upcoming season.

That said, the rest of the team is still not completely satisfied with the current situation, especially given that some tank items are performing better than non-tank champions. “To be clear, we’re fine with classes other than tanks buying these items, but with some caveats,” he said. The points are as follows:

  • These tank items shouldn’t be the dominant mythic choice over other sections.
  • They must pay obvious damages to do so.
  • They should not explain how tank myths are balanced on tanks.

Most players think that the only job of the tank is to absorb the damage, but remember that in a team fight, every loss is important. Heartsteel Lenning provides good damage and defensive output in stage, duel and teamfight. Its legendary potential is also great because it allows the tank to absorb more damage and achieve greater shape with HP, which is a relevant figure for tanks because their character model is subconsciously easier for the enemy team to click.


League of Legends
credit: League of Legends

In the post, he proceeds to move on to the current scene on the new tank items introduced. He mentioned how Heartsteel is in a balanced position, despite initial concerns by players of considering it too strong. There must be no significant changes to this item.

The  Rioter then talks about Jack’s show, the item that was considered too strong on fighters and injuries but relatively balanced on tanks. This was why the item was replaced in both season 12 and the final patch of patch 13.1. As for Radiant Punya, he says it is currently fulfilling its role well and is “a powerful item on top, jungle and support tanks alike”.

Despite being in good standing, the team is monitoring some potential issues, mainly the possibility of being too strong on the support tank and the need to be balanced about pro play. For both, they have to wait for things to unfold before making a proper assessment.He also says that “due to the design of the Radiant, it can be difficult to understand its impact in the game.” Periodic AOE effects are difficult to keep track of in the middle of a teamfight, especially when they are applied to your teammates. This problem is very hard to solve, but there may be some small changes we can make to make sure the radiant is more satisfying without changing it.

There are a few paths they will consider taking with the item, depending on how it performs. He also says that the balance team is considering transferring Iron Solari’s locket to the legendary if radiant virtue will be considered as a support item.

Finally, RiotMadnessHeroo points out that satisfaction and excitement for items on iceborn gauntlets are lower than expected and that they will discover “small scope changes” to better match with other myths, including adding health ratios to Spellblade proc or giving bonus effects to the iceborn user inside the slow area of inactive.Overall, most of the tank items seemed to be in good condition and do not require any major changes in the near future. That said, we might soon see more interesting things from Riot…

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