"Plans for the team and I will be revealed soon," says Owais, BGMI Professional Player

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Life has been very kind and giving towards 20 year old Mohammed “Owais” Lakhani aka Owais BGMI. From being one of the early stars of the Indian PUBG Mobile community to being one of the best in the BGMI community, Owais has had a great ride. The journey had its bumps, for sure, but that is what made it fun. In conversation with Sportslumo’s Aaryanshi Mohan, Owais BGMI opens up about content creation, his Esports journey and his biggest support and plans for the future. Starting at a time when Esports as a career was a dream farfetched, Owais did the unthinkable, and insipired an array of young kids who have now made a career is this huge Indian Esports Industry.

BGMI professional Owais talks about his journey in the Indian Gaming Community

Question: How have you seen the community grow from the time you started to now?

Owais- The Esports community is dynamic. There have been a lot of new teams and players since I started. Many have stuck around from the start as well. The talent and skills shown by players and coaches are of the highest level. It is a well-knit community where everyone looks after each other. Helping each other will help us make India a global powerhouse in India.

Question: Since you one time said that you haven’t had a salary in a long while, how is CC coming out to be as a career for someone who almost laid the foundation stone of pubg (now bgmi) in India?

Owais- I have always had a strong liking for content creation. It is one of the best ways to engage and interact with your fans. I am glad and humbled to play a role in laying the foundation of BGMI in India. We have been through some of the most difficult times, and seeing how the community is right now, it brings me immense joy. I am equally focused on content creation and playing professionally.

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Question: If there’s one thing you could go back in time and tell your younger self in terms of a career in gaming, what would it be?

Owais- As cliche as it would sound, I wouldn’t change anything. I am where  I am because of numerous events that have taken place over the years. It has been a process, and I always believe in trusting the process. I am glad where I am today, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Question: What’s the next game plan for you and the team you’re building?

Owais- The game plan for my team and I will be revealed soon. I am excited about the journey that will start soon. At the moment, our complete focus is the BMOC

Question: Your biggest support and biggest strength in these years (from the community and otherwise)

Owais My biggest support and strength in these years has been my family. They have helped me through thick and thin. Without their constant unconditional support, none of this wouldn’t have been possible.

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