Old Fortnite skins: Rarely used Fortnite skins in 2022

It has been 18 full seasons and Fortnite has introduced more than 1,000 skins in the game.

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It has been 18 full seasons and Fortnite has introduced more than 1,000 skins in the game. This number goes up almost every week as the Item Shop keeps receiving new items for players to buy. Many of these skins have become very popular like the Spider-Man skin is as of now.

Besides, they can’t all be popular at the same time, and they’re not all worn by players very often. Many of them quickly lost their hype or just weren’t that popular even at the beginning. This isn’t because they aren’t rare, but that they’re rarely worn by players anymore.

Rarely used Fortnite skins in Chapter 3 Season 1


If there’s one reason that explains why Omega isn’t worn anymore is that it is an off-brand superhero that was popular before actual superheroes arrived. Instead of using Omega, players are more into sporting Iron Man or other skins in the game.

Sparkle Specialist

The reason that players aren’t going for the Sparkle Specialist is that this skin has fallen prey to time. It is one of the oldest skins in Fortnite, and since there are so many new skins coming in at regular intervals, players don’t want to use it anymore.

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Since this skin was introduced, there has been a Galaxy 2.0 skin. Combine that with the fact that it’s old skin and players can see why this skin is rarely seen in the game’s lobbies anymore.

Travis Scott

We all know that Travis Scott indulged in controversy recently, which resulted in the skin becoming nearly unusable for the players who still own it. We might not see this skin anymore in the coming days.


Despite having a cup for players to earn the skin, Gamora hasn’t been used by players a lot. Even when she was brought to the game, its popularity did really skyrocket. It has continued to drop ever since.

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