NOVA ESPORTS PUBG Owner, Country, Roster, History, Achievements, Net Worth

Nova Esports is the Chinese team of Peacekeeper Elite. The organization has teams and players competing in various games. For PUBG alone they have signed 3 roster in NA, Brazil and China region. The Chinese are the most successful and known team of them all. They have the highest earnings and have won the most tournaments nationally and globally. They are always way ahead of their competition and are responsible for bringing changes to the meta. Many teams try to adopt their game style.

Recently they became the champion of the biggest global tournament in PUBG (PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021).

Team And Roster

Nova Esports entered the Chinese gaming scene in July 2020. They signed the already successful roster of XQF. They instantly became the champions of their first tournament as Nova Esports.

Jimmy is the IGL of the team. Like any other Chinese team they have very different and unique strategies. Order is the main fragger for the team and was the MVP in the PMGC showing his caliber. Paraboy plays as support for the team and is respected by everyone in the gaming community globally. King plays alone as the flanker for the team. They are not known for any flashy plays but they play their roles perfectly and hence are the most deadly team.

Active Roster

In Game NameReal NameRoleJoining Date
paraboyZhu BochengAttacker09-07-2020
coolboyZeng RonghuaAttacker09-07-2020
JimmyyyXu YinjunIGL09-07-2020
OrderZeng ZehaiMain Attacker09-07-2020
KingLin YienCo-IGL09-07-2020
qcXu JiajunAttacker15-09-2021
Mix6GGWang BiaoIGL/Sub27-06-2021


PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals23-01-20221st$1,530,000
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: League – East24-12-20214th$66,250
Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 428-11-20216th$376,420
Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 303-10-20211st$642,660
Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 213-06-202110th$270,367
Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 118-04-20215th$203,956
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020: Grand Finals26-01-20211st$700,000
Peacekeeper Elite Championship 202015-11-20201st$756,842
Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 325-10-20206th$80,756
Peacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 223-08-20201st$156,081

Net Worth

Majorly in PUBG Mobile Team Nova earns from the tournament prize pools, and the total earnings till date are approximately $4,798,148. Also, there are various brand endorsements and the value is not disclosed by the organization

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