Best Boot Camp Of Orangutan OG In India

By Shubham Dalal | Oct 31, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Orangutan Og Gaming has Revealed esports training facility, “The Forest” for the Indian’s Best gaming house in esports community. The gaming house was reportedly under construction for over a year, and finally a 15,000-square-foot four-storey structure set up in Navi Mumbai was unveiled. , The One Facility houses all players and content creators from Orangutan Gaming.The organization has dedicated an all house for esports division. This floor has all the features for the organization’s esports roster of Valorant, BGMI and Free Fire.In this article we give you all information about the Orangutan Og ‘The Forest ‘ Bootcamp.

Let’s Take a tour for Forest bootcamp :

Esports Floor :

In the bootcamp has esports floor in this floor is an totally for esports player of Orangutan Gaming ( The Forest ). It has various dedicated rooms for different major purposes.

Valorant Room: It consists of six PCs – five for the players and one for the coach. All PCs in the Valorant room have high-performance parts including Ryzen 9 processors and Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. In addition, the headsets and mice for all PCs are custom designed for orangutan gaming. The purpose of the room design is to give players the feeling of playing in a LAN environment.

BGMI and Free Fire Rooms: BGMI and Free Fire rooms have the same setup. All four players sit together on gaming chairs at a table with a high-performance router in the center for lag-free gaming in a one room for matches or tournament and also have one Led tv for watching Matches and analysis Match . A coach has a PC for watching Matches and analysis all match . VOD Room: A dedicated room for all players and coaches to view and analyze gameplay

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Other Facilities In Bootcamp :

Apart from the esports floor, The Forest offers a lot more facilities to its players and content creators. Following is the list of all other features. Chill Zone: Chill Zone is designed for all players and content creators to watch their favorite content, such as movies and matches. It also has a pool table.

Editor’s Area: This is a special room for all video editors with special features to edit content for the content creators of Orangutan

Gaming. Studio: A green screen studio for all content creators to shoot and create professional content.

Dining Area: A dining room where all players eat together every day.

Streaming Room: The gaming house features customized streaming rooms for all streamers to create content for themselves as well as for orangutan gaming. Each manufacturer has a specialized and customized cabinet, mouse, headset and all accessories. Apart from all the facilities mentioned above, The Forest also has a kitchen, a living room, bedrooms and a spacious gym.If you like this article then don’t forget to share with your friends and your esports team.

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