My Landlady Noona Manhwa Ends after 137 chapters

Fans can read previously all chapters of My Landlady Noona Chapter only on Day Comics and Toptoon.

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The popular comic “My Landlady Noona” finishes its story after 137 chapters, only found on Day Comics and Toptoon. In Chapter 136, we know about Minwhoo’s difficult past and his unusual proposal to both sisters, Nari and Hari. Meanwhile, Bada moves to America, and Yuhee realizes Minwhoo has moved on to a new relationship. The story ends on a positive note and leaving fans excited for possible extra stories about the sisters’ friendship.

Where to Read My Landlady Noona Chapter 137

Fans can read previously all chapters of My Landlady Noona Chapter only on Day Comics and Toptoon.

 My Landlady Noona Chapter 136 Recap

In the last chapter of “My Landlady Noona, we got a glimpse into Minwhoo’s past when his parents used to fight a lot which made him feel ignored and frustrated. Now in the present, Minwhoo spends time with Nari, and they discuss Minwhoo’s proposal to Hari. In a surprising twist, Minwhoo proposes to Nari too, showing that he wants them all to live together happily. He promises to love both sisters equally.

Bada moved to America and now works at a tattoo shop. He stays in touch with Minwhoo as good friends. But there is a sad thing happening with Yuhee. She suddenly goes offline and posts a picture of her baby’s shoes without telling anyone. This makes Minwhoo confused because he doesn’t know if the baby is his. He tries to talk to Yuhee but she doesn’t respond. Later, she moves to a rich neighborhood for childcare.

After some time, a security guard tells Yuhee that Minwhoo has found someone new. This makes Yuhee realize that Minwhoo has moved on from their past relationship. She feels sad as she remembers Minwhoo as a child who used to seek comfort from her. Even though the guard warns her, she chooses not to go back to the building.

The chapter ends with Hari and Minwhoo leaving their apartment, suggesting a fresh start for them. Nari is not there, she is likely busy with her job. The chapter closes with a positive image of four young chicks, representing the future of the sisters and Minwhoo.

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