My Hero Academia Chapter 422 release date, time, and where to read

Mark your calendars for My Hero Academia Chapter 422 which is all set to release on May 13, 2024, at 12 am JST.

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The fans are excited for My Hero Academia Chapter 422 which will be out soon. Fan anticipation for the new chapter of My Hero Academia is at an all-time high. With Deku away, the pupils of Class 1-A face All For One, and their anxiety grows as the series nears its finale. Momo Yaoyorozu, Hanta Sero, and others have assumed pivotal positions at this crucial juncture.

Release Date and Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 422

Mark your calendars for My Hero Academia Chapter 422 which is all set to release on May 13, 2024, at 12 am JST.

Time ZoneDateTime
Korean Standard TimeMay 13, 202412:00 a.m. (KST)
New York TimeMay 12, 20247:00 a.m. (NYT)
Indian Standard TimeMay 12, 20248:30 p.m. (IST)
Central European TimeMay 12, 20245:00 p.m. (CET)
Australian Standard TimeMay 13, 20241:00 a.m. (AST)
Japanese Standard TimeMay 13, 202412:00 a.m. (JST)

Only on Jump Comics, Manga Plus, and Viz Media, you can read the manga My Hero Academia Chapter 422.

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Previously in Chapter 421

Ashido, Kirishima, Koda, Hagakure, Kaminari, Momo, Jirou, Mineta, and many more heroes arrive at the battlefield, but the situation gets crowded. In a powerful echo of the Symbol of Peace’s famous remark, “We are here,” each hero shares their motivations for staying in the struggle. In the middle of a visually arresting two-page spread. “We Are Here, Mineta delivers this.”

At the same time, All For One considers his own life and realizes he and Shigaraki should have been equal parts destruction. But seeing Yoichi’s remnants shattered was a devastating blow to All For One, lowering his goals and leaving him open to Deku’s attacks. He confesses that tragedies can fortify individuals, which causes him to unleash a series of peculiarities that alter his arms into hideous limbs reminiscent of Chainsaw Man’s Gun Devil.

In contrast to All For One’s view, Sero argues that strength can come from regular exercise as much as it does from tragedy. He mentions a friend’s struggles and refers to Todoroki’s struggles. At that very moment, Shoto and Endeavor both materialize from their own portals and begin a simultaneous Flashfire Fist assault on All For One.

Mic calls the heroes together and tells them to keep going as the battle intensifies, saying that this is their last task for the day. Thirteen rides in on Hound Dog, and while the other heroes try to attack him, she uses her black hole quirk to pull All For One. The heroes of Burnin’ and the others try to interfere, but to no avail; AFO retaliates with overwhelming force.

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