Minecraft 1.18 update: How to find caves in new version

Minecraft has brought new biomes with the latest 1.18 update. Two of these biomes added in the game are cave biomes.

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Minecraft has revamped the world generation and brought new biomes with the latest 1.18 update. Two of these biomes added in the game are cave biomes. Caves in Minecraft have always been an integral part of Minecraft, and the new update takes that experience to another level.

The caves have now become larger than ever, and the bedrock level has shifted 64 levels down. The two new biomes have created a buzz among players across the globe to locate them and explore. We have listed down easy ways to find these caves in Minecraft 1.18 update.

One of the best ways to search a cave is by digging underground until the character stumbles upon a cave. The Minecraft 1.18 update adds clues that allow players to identify if a cave is present in that area.

How to find Dripstone Caves?

This biome is covered in stalactites of pointed dripstone that make it appear like a needle-like interior. Since there is a lack of light in these caves, hordes of hostile mobs can be found here. These caves sometimes offer aquifers that spawns drowned.

Finding this cave isn’t very difficult as they are very common. Players can easily find them while exploring large craters in the Overworld. At times these caves are also exposed in the open, and players are able to see pointed dripstone without even entering the cave. There is no special skill required to find these caves that help players feel their existence.

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How to find Lush Caves?

This cave is the opposite of the previous cave biome. Unlike caves in the game before, this new biome feels enchanting. It also has a haven for Axolotls that can be found only in this biome. All these things make this the most desired biome that players want to explore.

This biome isn’t as common as the dripstone caves biome. Hence players have to be really lucky to find one. However, the best way to find it would reduce the players’ time significantly when searching for it. Instead of digging underground, players should look for an azalea tree on the surface. This tree looks like an oak tree with one difference – they feature bright purple flowers on their leaves.

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