Jolly Clashmas Yellow Gift Box Attack strategy in Clash of Clans

By Naman Alok | Dec 21, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


It is well known that Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game. In which new events are introduced in the game by Supercell every few days. Which players are very fond of because players can participate in these events and win games, gold, Elixir and black elixir  Players can participate in these challenges for free. All they have to do is modify their army at least according to the challenges. This time  game features a new challenge called  Jolly Clashmas Challenge,In this challenge, already a base is given and troops are also provided with it, in this the player can use only troops given by them, the player cannot use his army. Which will give them magic items, resources and experience points. This article covers the new upcoming Challenges and its rewards.

How to complete Jolly Clashmas Challenge in Clash of Clans

In this challenge, the base of the town hall 10 has to be destroyed with the help of an army composed of Ram rider and Heroes. Before attacking the base, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are air mines at some corners of the base which can kill our troops. That’s why before attacking, find out the mines position in base.

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• In the Jolly Clashmas Challenge, First, we will drop 1 Earthquake spell and 3 Santa spells on a 1’0 Clock Inferno tower. On top of this, 1 super wall breaker and 1 hog roder will be deployed on the poison tower.

• After that 3’0 clock side will deploy 2 giant and 2 Hog rider, and back will deploy 1 giant and 2 wizard and top right will deploy Royal Champion.

• Now 5’0 clock side will deploy 1 Super Wall Breaker and King and as soon as the queen is killed, all Hog Riders and Grand Wardens will be deployed from the 3′ 0 clock side.

•  Finally after applying this method perfectly we win the battle easily.

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