Chainsaw Man Anime episode 11 overview

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The creator of the Japanese anime series Chainsaw Man is Tatsuki Fujimoto. “Chainsaw Man ” by Tatsuki Fujimoto has recently become one of the most popular manga. It has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July December 3 2018. The protagonist of this story is Denji, A Boy has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now a Chainsaw Man!. Recently this series has started becoming very popular.

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 : Mission Start

Entering the Future Devil’s jail, Aki hears him recite the rules of the future and asks him to repeat them. Though Aki dismisses him, Future Devil observes that Aki has a negative attitude. To determine whether he wants to create a contract, he first wants to see what Aki’s future holds. Aki is instructed to do this by the speaker. After a short while, the Future Devil begins to giggle and declares that he wants to live in his right eye because that is where he would give him his power. Aki’s visage appears to be wondering, “Is that all?” Future Devil claims this is so that he may explain how Aki’s death in the future affects those regulations. Aki interrupts him when he begins to describe how he would pass away because she doesn’t want to hear it. He starts telling him how he will die, but Aki stops him, not wanting to listen and tells him to enter his eye.

Kishibe beats Denji and Power once again. He congratulates them on their try and notes they no longer need to do this each day, but once a week. He tells them to keep their heads cool and not forget what weapons they have. Kishibe then explains that they will be doing live combat training as they will be attacking Snake Devil woman and Katana Man. Everyone from the new Division 4 will be involved, but if they fail, the division will be dissolved, and Denji and Power will be disposed of for real by Kishibe. Denji states that if it comes to that, he will show mercy and spare Kishibe’s life as he made him stronger.Kishibe once more defeats Denji and Power. He commends them for trying and says they no longer need to do this every day, just once a week instead. He advises them to maintain composure and remember their arsenal of weapons. As they will be attacking Snake Devil woman and Katana Man, Kishibe continues, they will be practising real combat. Everyone from the new Division 4 will participate, but if they fail, the division will be disbanded and Kishibe will actually get rid of Denji and Power. If it comes to that, says Denji, he will be merciful and spare Kishibe’s life because he made him stronger.

Later, Makima meets with Kishibe and asks him to keep training Denji and Power. Kishibe claims he is already sick of them and that he ends up drinking more each time one of the dogs he trains passes away. While he assumed that wouldn’t happen to toys, he surmised that, given his age, he might start to grow attached to them. Kishibe queries Makima about whether she was aware of the attack on the Divisions because he is confident that the Public Safety wasn’t unaware of it. As long as she is advancing the interests of humanity, he claims he doesn’t care about her ambitions or how many of his pets perish. Makima states she wants to save as many people as possible from the devils and if the operation is a success, Division 4’s existence will become part of the public record. That way, they will have more freedom and be able to save more people. Kishibe then calls her a liar.

Together with other males, Katana Man and Akane Sawatari are in their lair. Even if they flee, Akane warns, Makima will follow them anywhere. She assures the other men that Katana Man can be revived even if he passes away, but warns them to take precautions to avoid being bitten. They are perplexed by what she is saying, but Katana Man reveals that they possess a weapon that was hidden from his grandfather and that underneath them, an army of zombies was created by borrowers who were unable to pay their mortgage.

Given that he recently lost to another person, Yutaro questions Aki about his belief that he can defeat the Gun Devil after learning that he is after him. Yutaro says that although he too joined Public Safety as a result of his disagreement with the Gun Devil, he is not attempting to murder him because it is impossible. Yutaro believes Aki to be really weak, but Aki acts like he is a strong guy, which irritates Yutaro. They can laugh at him if he dies, says Aki, who doesn’t care what they have to say and urges them to just sit back and watch. Yutaro hands Aki a drink and tells him that even though he is annoying him, he is still rooting for him after dropping Aki off at the Public Safety.

Makima has a meeting with Katana Man’s current yakuza leader. He tells her that it wasn’t on his orders and adds that he heard they got into a fight with some of the younger people in his group. He displays an image of Akane and tells that he heard she was responsible for making agreements with the Gun Devil and was behind it. The man answers Makima’s question by saying that they have to provide the Gun Devil 20,000 yen in exchange for weapons and ammunition. Next, Makima instructs him to list all of the members of his organisation who have contracts with the Gun Devil. The man consents, assuming that she will simply lock them up for a while. Makima also wants the names from other families, not just his organisation. 

That, according to the man, is stupid since it could spark a family fight if the other families find out. The man asks Makima if she has heard of the phrase “necessary evil” and explains that if they end up wiping themselves out, it will expose Japan to foreign mafia, which are even worse than them and are currently keeping those foreigners away. He goes on to say that the Chinese and Russian mafia are even worse than them. The man then laughs that a bribe won’t make him alter his decision as Makima pulls out a paper bag. The eyes of all the males in the room, their loves, wives, grandparents, siblings, and other family members, according to Makima, are what matter, not money. The man opens the bag to find it packed with eyes, which shocks him. Makima informs him that if he cooperates, she will introduce him to someone who can return the eyeballs without issue. One of the men tries to punch Makima while grabbing her by the shoulder, but as she looks at him, he backs off, his nose begins to bleed, and he eventually drops to his knees. According to Makima, he justifies his behaviour by citing “necessary evil,” but society doesn’t require such justifications.

The Katana Man hideout is surrounded by the Special Division and the police. Aki inquires as to the strategy, but Kishibe responds that there is none and they are simply entering. Then, Aki, Denji, Power, and Kobeni arrive. Shiina and Furuno identify themselves to Kishibe, who says that the Special Division will deal with the terrorists while the police and Division 2 should only keep the first floor and basement exits closed. Additionally, he reveals that the Special Division is composed nearly entirely of non-human beings, meaning that if one of them escapes, it might result in more casualties than terrorist attacks.

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The members are then described by Kishibe so that the audience is aware of any potential allies. Beam, the Shark Fiend, enters the first floor via a wall and becomes pleased upon seeing the zombies because of how much food he can consume. Kishibe reveals that he can swim inside any surface and that for a little period of time, he can change his head into his demon form. Beam, who consumes undead, attempts to bite a hooded guy but is kicked away. The Violence Fiend, Galgali, receives an apology from him after he explains that he mistook him for a zombie. According to Kishibe, demons lose strength when they turn into Fiends, however the Violence Fiend is still fairly powerful even as a Fiend. He must always keep his gas mask on since it releases deadly gas. Galgali notices a woman and tells her to leave because if she gets bitten, she will turn into a zombie while he beats up some zombies. She turns to face him, and he learns that Princi, the Spider Devil, is also a devil. According to Kishibe, she typically takes on a human shape, and humanoid devils are typically friendly. Princi turns into her devil form and starts killing zombies. A zombie head then rolls and hits the leg of Angel Devil, who gets annoyed that it dirtied his shoe, but then picks the head and starts eating it. 

Kishibe states that although he is a unique case and has no anger toward people, they should avoid him because physical contact with him shortens people’s lives. Aki is asked whether he has a handkerchief that Angel might borrow. Then Aki approaches and offers him a handkerchief, surprising Angel that he was so close. Then a man appears and tries to shoot Aki, but Angel Devil defends him with his wing. After knocking the man down, Aki orders Angel to carry him outside. Despite being angered by his instruction, Angel would rather follow it than engage in combat. Denji, Power, and Kobeni are then instructed by Aki to leave the zombies to the Fiends because they will be. Aki then tells Denji, Power and Kobeni to leave the zombies to the Fiends, as they will be going after Katana Man and Akane, but as they don’t know where they are, they will be splitting up.

When Aki gets to the fourth floor, a man tries to shoot him after emerging from one of the chambers. After dodging, Aki strikes the man dead. Then four more men emerge, and Aki gets ready to attack them, but as they do, they all start bleeding from their noses and eventually pass out. Aki keeps looking and soon comes across Akane. He asks her to follow him in silence, but Akane summons the Snake Devil and commands it to spit the object out. Then, when the Ghost Devil materialises in front of Aki, Akane commands it to murder Aki. When the Ghost Devil attacks, Aki uses the Future Devil’s abilities to slice off each of its arms since it allows him to see a little bit into the future.

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