It Takes Two play time: How long does it take to finish?

It Takes Two isn’t a normal co-op game, it is an adventure with shades of Nintendo and Pixar.

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It Takes Two isn’t a normal co-op game, it is an adventure with shades of Nintendo and Pixar. The game dives deep than many of its peers with inventive mechanics that offer a unique experience for both players.

Surprisingly, it is a very long game that doesn’t seem to run out of creative ideas. It might be surprising for players who played the developer’s A Way Out, which offered a playtime of 6 hours. Here’s how long the new game takes to finish.


If players and their friends are planning to take up It Takes Two, it might take them around 10-12 hours to finish the campaign. The runtime is clearly justified and the game is constantly throwing new ideas at players and doesn’t meditate on any single mechanic too long. There’s hardly a dull moment in the game.

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The game features 9 chapters in total. That will take players through some diverse settings from a snowy mountain to outer space.

  • Chapter 1: The Shed
  • Chapter 2: The Tree
  • Chapter 3: The Pillowfort
  • Chapter 4: Space Station
  • Chapter 5: Road to the Magic Castle
  • Chapter 6: Gates of Time
  • Chapter 7: Snowglobe
  • Chapter 8: Garden
  • Chapter 9: The Attic

Each chapter will take around one hour to finish, so players should make sure to play their playtime accordingly. It’s only playable with a friend, so players will have to get their schedules fixed.

How to set up Friend’s Pass

It’s simple to set up Friend’s Pass, with the only difference being between your platform of choice’s marketplace. This can be done through Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC via the Steam or Origin store. Players should note that there is no cross-platform play, but cross-gen play is implemented.

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