How To Rank Push In Cod Mobile

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By Shubham Dalal | Oct 10, 2022 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Play with randoms, and look at their gameplay. If they’re playing well then send them a friend request and ask them if they’ll join your team. Sometimes randoms are really amazing gamers. And even pro. Also Message me even I have a Clan who play many different games including COD. If you want to join please text me. And offcourse if you want to, you can try this random player technique. playing with your new team mate create a snergy with her and matches your game planes and your gameplay with your team mate.

Selected Your Best Guns For Play

In Cod game, firstly you have to create your own squad with good synergy with teams and players have good knowledge of game and map and having a good game sense . In this game, there are 6 ranks in it.

  • Rookie [1-1000]
  • Veteran [1001-2000]
  • Elite [2001-3000]
  • Pro [3001-4500]
  • Master [4501-6500]
  • Legendary [6501+]

In COD Mobile, the first most important step is to Loadouts. The set of objects to be carried into battle that is all that one needs for a specific purpose. It is a important aspect that the set of guns with good number of ammo and equipment needs by a player before going to find other teams for gunfight.

You have exact knowledge of weapons and equipment in this game while choosing your loadout. Players choose best weapons that have great efficiency and potential power by which they done thier best in COD. Best loadout makes you more capable and flexible in any fight.

Create Player Role

The COD MOBILE GAME having 4 role in this game for making every match prefect for team and role.Their are all role

  • Objective player focuses on the scouting for teams and area for rotating and take some good holding area , taking good fight.
  • Slayer role is simply for take many number of kills for team.this role mainly used situation this role is important for team for a take kills
  • Anchor Role is hard role for a player because there domination,blitz mode and whose pretty much only thi job
  • Support role is helping for a other role player (slayer,objective, or anchor) for helping everting as possible like helping objective role player for scouting , helping slayer for fighting ,helping anchor for good map knowledge for taking fighting

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Get Kills And Long Servival

Looking For Third Party Fights

Well-coordinated teams should try to third party fight. If there are two teams are fighting with each other then you also try to fight them and get some free kills. Then you should try outlasting the enemy by only engaging from an advantage. This means players should likely attack an enemy if they’re sure to win, or if they know backup is on the way.

Map Knowledge

Map knowledge is also an important thing which keeps you in your mind whenever you go to the fight in COD. In the presence of good knowledge of map, you and your team will rotating around the map and make a good fight and holding a best position.

In the absence of map knowledge, you will not rotating according to the need of map and it will negatively impact on your team and also in the game rank.

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