Fly Talks About EG's Exit from NA

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In the winner’s post-match interview, team captain Tal “Fly” Aizik spoke with the panel about Shopify Rebellion’s successful competitive debut in the North America Dota Pro Circuit (NA DPC) 2023, as well as other topics. EG’s exit from the region was a topic of conversation for him. As a result of the organisation’s decision to move and invest in a new squad in South America, the previous EG roster was left without a team during the off-season (SA). Shopify Rebellion, a company based in Canada, nevertheless signed the team at the final minute. Fly Talks About EG’s Exit from NA

Regarding EG’s departure from NA, Fly claimed there were no ill wills

Shopify Rebellion’s Fly began his post-match interview with the winner, Fly, by discussing the relocation of his previous group, Evil Geniuses, from the area. He did add, though, that he had no ill will toward his previous squad and that, should the chance present itself, he would be thrilled to compete against them.

We’ve worked with EG for a long time, and while EG has changed hands several times, our relationships with management have also changed. COVID has also had an impact on us. There has been a lot of excitement about the new team as we enter Shopify and embark on this sort of new path. I have a lot of respect for the players on that squad, so I don’t believe there are any resentments. They are fantastic in my opinion, and their performance at TI11 was incredible, therefore I would be thrilled to play them.

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Fly then proceeded to respond to Clinton “Fear” Loomis’s inquiry on the roster’s dubious offlaner selections, given that the roster is notorious for selecting carry players to play in the offlane. I already stated [in my podcast] that I wanted a natural offlaner, so it’s a wonderful question, especially once it became apparent that Nightfall will play for BetBoom Team. It’s not that you can’t turn a carry player into an offlaner; we were successful with these players at various points in time, so that’s not the reason.

He added that the team has benefited greatly from the addition of former TSM offlaner Joná “SabeRLight-” Volek since a natural offlaner lets them experiment with different tactics. “However, I believe it would be simpler for the entire team to bring on a player who is a natural offlaner, eliminating the need for the new player who is switching from carry to offlane to go through the learning curve. SabeRLight enables us to play these odd offlane heroes like Enigma and Dark Seer since all of these doors have now opened up for us. It’s fantastic to have a natural offlaner in SabeRLight- because he already understands how to play any heroes we want to choose for the offlane.

As its next opponent in the NA DPC on January 14, Shopify Rebellion will take on Wildcard Gaming. On the other hand, many anticipate that Shopify Rebellion will rule the area, as they did with EG earlier.

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