Escape From Tarkov Backup Hideout Key: Guaranteed Spawn Location, Usage & More

The backup whereabouts key can be found on the new map of the streets of Tarkov and is the key to the informant's second whereabouts.

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The backup whereabouts key can be found on the new map of the streets of Tarkov and is the key to the informant’s second whereabouts. Since the update was released on 28 December 2022, players have been searching and upgrading their bases from Tarkov to Escape as they made a fresh start with the new wipe. At first, massive upgrades were made to the hideout where Battlestate Games added a gym for players to work and increase their figures in addition to searching. The backup whereabouts key is a single-use key and can be used to open a door on the streets of the Tarkov map. If you need more information about Escape From Tarkov Backup Hideout Key then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Where to find the backup location key from Escape From Tarkov ?

Before we go into the details of the use of spawn location and backup whereabouts key, you should know that the item is currently banned from the flea market, meaning you can’t buy or sell it on the market. When you try to use “Add Offer” on the flea market and list your backup whereabouts key, you’ll see this message: “This item can’t be sold in the flea market.”

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This key has a steady, 100% spawn on the streets of Tarkov. You can still find it in pockets and bags of scaves as well as jackets. However, this backup whereabouts key has a guaranteed spawn location: You can get the keys outside the small cinema building on the streets of Tarkov. The miniature cinema is located in front of the Pinewood Hotel. Once you get the key from the small cinema, you have to navigate to Big Cinema to use it.

Here’s how you get a backup whereabouts key from a miniature cinema building:

  • Your character will spawn just outside the Lexos building.
  • When the Lexos building is on your right, you will see the Pinewood Hotel on the left and small cinema in front when you move forward.
  • You have to go to the side of the Small Cinema Building and enter its electrical room.
  • When you walk around the back of the small cinema, you will see ghosts painted on a wall and the electrical room is adjacent to it.
  • You’ll see a green glosstic inside the room near a duffel bag.
  • When you open the bag, you’ll get the backup whereabouts key.

Once you open the room, you will find the following:

  • 1x Wooden crate
  • 1x Sport bag
  • 1x Toolbox
  • Loose loot (Electronics, Valuables)

Now, you have to make your way to big cinema on the map. Your goal is to go to the base of the front staircase leading to the second floor of the cinema. Here you will see the word “home” spray painted on the side of the wall, and a door near it. This is where you’ll use your backup whereabouts key. The interesting part about this room is the large hole in the back wall. Currently, you can only look through it to find a dead scave. It is speculated that this location will come into play for later discovery.

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