Dragon Ball Super Episode 1 Summary

Dragon Ball Super start in a very specific time period, six months after the defeat of Majin Buu by Goku towards the end of Dragon Ball Z’s run, then Dragon Ball Super story starts. Many of Dragon Ball fans don’t watch this series, on Cartoon because of time issues. So I am going to start making the summary of all episodes one by one and in this article, I am starting from the 1st episode of Dragon Ball Super.

1st Episode A Peacetime Reward Who Gets The 100,000,000 Zeni?!

We see Goku has taken up a job as a radish farmer, much to his dismay. One Sunday, Goten — Goku’s youngest child — brings Goku’s lunch to the radish fields. While Goku eats, Goten operates the tractor. After eating rapidly, Goku powers up to Super Saiyan and begins to train. This, in turn, distracts Goten, who drives the tractor over a cliff, forcing Goku to teleport to his rescue. Goten questions why his father is training again, Goku replies that he wants to be prepared in case of another enemy as Majin Buu appears. He wants to go to king Kai’s planet to train, however, due to a money shortage at home and a promise to work that he made to Chi-Chi. 

Elsewhere in the universe, Beerus is destroying half of the planet, which he accomplishes with only a tap of his finger. Back on Earth, Mr Satan is receiving a peace award for “defeating” Majin Buu. Meanwhile, Videl and Gohan are leaving a bookstore and make their way toward the nearby bakery. Nearby, Piccolo watches over them from atop a close-by building. 

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In the Western Capital, at Capsule Corporation, Goten approaches Trunks about getting Videl a present — because she will be his new sister-in-law. The boys leave on a mission to find her the perfect gift. They overhear an old man mention a series of springs by his house, which is better for the face than anything in the cosmetics store. The old man gives the boys directions to the spring, which they immediately fly towards. They find a suitable spring and gather up its water, however, they are attacked by a giant snake. They quickly deal with the snake and go for Gohan and Videl’s home. Videl is pleased with her gift 

On the radish farm as the sun sets in the distance. Mr Satan arrives shortly thereafter and announces that he has won a prize for the defeat of Majin Buu. However, since Goku and Vegeta were the ones who truly defeated Buu, Satan wanted to give the prize to Goku. Goku refuses it because he believes one hundred million Zeni is too much for him. After Goten mentions that he could train with king kai if he had the money, Goku eagerly accepts Mr Satan’s offer in exchange for not telling the world about who truly beat Buu. 

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After presenting Chi-Chi with the Zeni, Goku leaves to train with king kai. Shortly thereafter, Muten Rshi arrives at Goku’s home, looking for Goku, in the hopes of using it to purchase “adult” videos. Chi-Chi is angered by this and violently sends him away. That’s it for this episode for more episodes check this link.

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