China launches DPC 2023 with EHOME's victory over Invictus Gaming

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With a convincing victory over well-known Invictus Gaming, EHOME began the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season. As the off-season draws to a close, many people are eager to watch new rosters and clubs make their professional debuts in the local leagues. With its first set of matches being played today, China would be the first region to enjoy the privilege of officiating the 2023 season. While EHOME was seeking to make a statement with its newest squad at the start of the season, Invictus Gaming was hoping to make up for being demoted last year by returning to Division I. China launches DPC 2023 with EHOME’s victory over Invictus Gaming

EHOME vs. Invictus Gaming: Highlights and recap from the matches


Despite the fact that EHOME had just participated in the BTS Pro Series S13, many people supported the newly formed IG roster due to their mediocre performances during the online competition.

Game One

The early stages of the game were quite quiet because the main characters on both teams were entirely focused on completing their item timings while also exchanging kills. However, despite the quiet laning phase, EHOME had the stronger plan as they destroyed all of IG’s outer towers by the 20th-minute mark.

Zhou “Emo” Yi made every effort to save his team with Chaos Knight, but even IG was unable to stop EHOME’s duo core combination of Wong “mks” Sim An’s Wraith King and Pan “Night” Shuaifang’s Dragon Knight. After just over 32 minutes of play, Game One came to a close, with EHOME winning its opponent by a sizable margin.

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Game Two

Once again, the first few minutes of the game were very evenly matched between the two teams as they alternated kills. As the game entered its middle, Invictus Gaming saw an opportunity to widen its lead, with Emo’s Monkey King and Zhou “Dust” Shiyuan’s Batrider driving the attack. Lee “X1aOyU” Qian Yu’s Legion Commander and mks’s Nature’s Prophet, however, helped EHOME turn the tide in the late game as they outplayed their rivals.

The team tapped out after 39 minutes, admitting loss in its inaugural encounter and gifting EHOME its first victory of the tour despite IG’s best efforts to defend its base once more.

EHOME is presently in first place in Division I of the Chinese regional league after the game. However, given that the season has just begun today, it will be intriguing to watch if EHOME can maintain its form over the course of the year. If Invictus Gaming wants to remain in Division I at the end of the first tour, they will need to strengthen the camaraderie among their players as well as their drafting tactics.

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