BMPS 2022 Day 1 Points Table, Results, Overall Standing, Team Soul Day 1 Performance

BMPS 2022 Day 1 ended today with an impeccable performance by all the qualified 24 teams. The qualified 24 are competing to win a major chunk of Rs 2 Cr prize pool, the trophy and above all, glory. Team Soul dominated the first day of the BMPS Season 1 league stage, finishing first in the overall standings. The team scored a total of 96 points in four matches with two chicken dinners. Underdog, Autobotz Esports finished second, with 67 total points from two chicken dinners. Hyderabad Hydras took third place with 49 total points. BMPS 2022 Day 1 Points Table, Results, Overall Standing, Team Soul Day 1 Performance

BMPS 2022 Day 1 Points Table, Overall Standing, Team Soul Day 1 Performance

  1. Team Soul – 96 points
  2. Autobotz Esports – 57 points
  3. Hyderabad Hydras – 49 points
  4. FS Esports – 46 points
  5. Nigma Galaxy – 43 points
  6. OR Esports – 39 points
  7. Retribution RTR – 35 points
  8. Blind Esports – 34 points
  9. Team INS – 33 points
  10. Big Brother Esports – 32 points
  11. Team MG – 31 points
  12. ACBC Esports – 31 points
  13. R Esports – 27 points
  14. Hydra Official – 26 points
  15. Team XO – 22 points
  16. Team Kinetic – 21 points
  17. GOG Esports – 16 points
  18. EsportswalaXWSF – 17 points
  19. Walkouts – 14 points
  20. UP50Esports – 13 points
  21. Global Esports – 10 points
  22. Enigma Gaming – 9 points
  23. 7Sea Esports – 8 points
  24. Initiative Academy – 3 points

Overall Points, Team Soul’s Performance on BMPS 2022 Day 1

Team Soul has performed extremely well on the first day of BMPS, amassing a total of 96 points, and topping the table. It is also to be noted that they had qualified for BMPS with just points lesser than what they finished at, on Day 1.

The league stage began with the first match between Group A and Group B on Erangel. Autobotz delivered a dominant performance, securing a 14-kill chicken dinner. With two eliminations, Blind Zaddy led his team to second place. Nigma Galaxy and Hydra Official finished third and fourth, respectively, with 17 points. Three of the top five players were Autobotz. Despite not securing a chicken dinner, ACBC went on to play aggressively in the second match between Group B and Group C, emerging as table toppers. The team finished second with 12 eliminations. FS Esports, on the other hand, claimed a six-kill chicken dinner. Team Soul finished in fourth place but had 13 finishes. Goblin bagged the MVP award with seven frags.

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Team Soul displayed aggressive gameplay once more, winning by 14 kills in the third match between Group A and Group C on the Sanhok map. Team Kinetic was in second place with seven finishes. FS played a survival game and finished third without losing a single elimination. Fierce finished the match with 5 kills and was named MVP. The Hyderabad Hydras won the fourth match with 28 points and 16 finishes. They defeated Team Soul as they entered the circle surrounding Erangel’s Farm Houses. However, Retribution RTR won the match after defeating Hyderabad Hydras in the final circle.

In the fifth match between Group A and Group B, Autobotz won their second chicken dinner with six finishes. OR Esports finished second with ten eliminations. Global Esports, Initiative Academy, and Retribution did not receive a single point. Team Soul won the final match of the day by an 11-kill margin thanks to flawless rotation. Big Brother and Nigma Galaxy came in second and third place, with 13 and 5 points, respectively.

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