One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan, Manga Reddit Spoilers, Twitter Leaks: Is Something Bad Going To Happen To Luffy?

The last chapter also gave us a glimpse of Kaido's flashback, a mere glimpse of what occured in his life, that made him what he is.


Whatever happened in One Piece Chapter 1049 is more than wat the audience had asked for. Kaido received a huge blow from Luffy and is now looking extremely worn out and almost unconscious. The chapter ended with a cliffhanger and it will only be revealed in Chapter 1050 if Luffy has actually won or something else is going to happen to Luffy himself, who looks mighty powerful now. The last chapter also gave us a glimpse of Kaido’s flashback, a mere glimpse of what occured in his life, that made him what he is. One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan, Manga Reddit Spoilers, Twitter Leaks: Is Something Bad Going To Happen To Luffy?

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  1. What happens in Wano?
  2. Will something bad happen to Luffy?
  3. One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scans, Manga Reddit Spoilers, Twitter Leaks
  4. One Piece Chapter 1050 Theories

One Piece is a well-known manga series. The manga has recently taken an exciting turn, with fans on the edge of their seats as Luffy and Kaido unleash their powers – Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun versus Kaido’s Flame Bagua clash. Check out One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan below.

What happens in Wano?

As the manga nears the end of the Onigashima raid, it appears that more interesting rounds between the duos remain. One Piece Chapter 1050 could mark the beginning of the second half of the Wano Arc. During the fight, Kaido may faint while transforming into his human form. In One Piece Chapter 1050, the citizens of Flower Capital are taken aback by his condition. Meanwhile, Luffy’s body was discovered elsewhere in the Flower Capital. He is also unconscious, and he has severe burns from his earlier clash with Kaido’s fire dragon.

Wano appears to be coming to an end here. The story can either go on for a while longer or end here. If it stretches, Kaido’s backstory can be properly shown, but it may become tedious. If it ends here, it will end just before the grind begins, it will be a downer.

Will something bad happen to Luffy?

The Straw Hat Pirate captain appears to have reached his Gear 5th limit and is running low on energy. According to spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1050, Luffy is helpless and will most likely be kidnapped and taken away by the World Government. Chapter 1050 will also show Luffy’s appearance after he has returned to his original form, but he is still injured from Kaido’s flame.

When it is revealed that a CPO Agent has survived, the story may take a turn. He is reporting to the Gorosei all incidents that occurred in Onigashima. The CP0 agent described how Luffy’s abilities had defeated Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Raw Scan, Manga Reddit Spoilers, Twitter Leaks

Hopefully, the next chapter will focus on the Gorosei, or Five Star Elders. Gorousei is debating how to apprehend Luffy. They appear to be planning to kidnap Luffy. The best part is that Momonosuke has safely relocated Onigashima. The people of Wano are now waiting for the outcome of the fight, which will reveal whether or not Kaido was defeated. One Piece Chapter 1050 will also provide an update on the Yonko’s final condition after he landed at high speed at the Flower Capital. These are some of the storyline spoilers and theories. You can, of course, wait for raw scans of One Piece 1050, which will be available two or three days before its release.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Theories

After the decisive outcome between Luffy and Kaido, the One Piece series will never be the same. The Wano Country arc received a lot of praise, despite the fact that it wasn’t perfect. Audience were treated to legendary flashbacks, epic fight scenes, and shocking revelations about key characters. Having said that, Wano Country has been going on for nearly four years. In the coming months, a change of scenery will be very welcome. The aftermath of Luffy versus Kaido will have far-reaching consequences.

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Kaido’s ultimate fate

Fans of One Piece know that Luffy never kills his enemies. However, Kaido must be addressed from a narrative standpoint. If he gets back up, knocking him out won’t help much. The Straw Hat cannot protect Wano Country indefinitely. There are several scenarios that could occur here. Perhaps Kaido will be content with his defeat and declare Luffy the next Joy Boy. He may be willing to give his life against the World Government fleet. Someone like Blackbeard could even kill Kaido. He could also be imprisoned in Seastone chains, either in the Udon or Impel Down facilities. Kaido might lose the will to fight, so he won’t bother with an escape attempt. Oda could dismiss him in a variety of ways. Fans of One Piece can’t wait to see what happens to Kaido.

Blackbeard’s next course of action

Kaido and Big Mom will find themselves in Wano Country. That means Blackbeard is currently the most dangerous pirate in One Piece. Not only does he have two powerful Devil Fruits, but his entire crew is on the lookout for them. Luffy’s bounty is going to skyrocket after Wano Country. In the story, his main rival will also catch up with him. Given that everyone is fighting each other right now, Blackbeard must be up to something big. He never passes up an opportunity to strike when no one is looking. Before Luffy finds the One Piece, Blackbeard will most likely be the last major obstacle. Fans are excited to see what Oda has in store for everyone.

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