BGMI redemption center: How to redeem codes for rewards

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most-played smartphone games in the Indian gaming community. While it was only available for Android smartphone users when it first came out, Krafton rolled out for the iOS platform as well. But there was no BGMI redemption center for players.

The game has managed to achieve several milestones such as the award for the Best Games of 2021 by Google Play. Similar to what other online multiplayer survival games, BGMI players are requesting the redemption website for the game. In response, the company has recently added an official Redeem landing page on its website that will enable players to enter BGMI redeem codes and collect in-game resources.

How to get cheap BGMI UC in December 2021
How to get cheap BGMI UC in December 2021. (Credits: Krafton)

Besides, Battlegrounds Mobile India has also suggested that it would partner with the recently launched superhero movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is currently ruling the box office. The official Instagram handle of BGMI has announced the same via two posts over the last few days.

The first post was uploaded on December 17, 2021, and the second one was posted the next day. While the details about the Spider-Man collaboration are yet to be disclosed, the partnership is going to generate significant excitement among BGMI and Spider-Man fans.

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BGMI Redeem Center goes live

Online multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Gerena Free Fire already have similar redemption websites for their players. Using these websites, players can redeem codes from different sources and head over to collect their rewards.

Just like other games, BGMI Redeem Center will let players collect and redeem BGMI redeem codes that they might have collected. These redeem codes let players with resources that are otherwise hard to collect in the game and are expensive as well.

How to redeem BGMI codes?

  • Visit the BGMI official website
  • Click on the section called Redeem at the top of the interface
  • The Redeem section will open
  • Enter details like Character ID, redemption code, and a verification code
  • Click on the redeem button located at the bottom of the form
  • Once done, users will receive an in-game mail, which will feature the rewards

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