After TI's victory in Dota 2 2022, Tundra Esports discusses what would happen in 2023

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After winning The International (TI), Tundra Esports discussed their future in Dota 2 with Esports News UK and other journalists during a press conference. Tundra, an esports team headquartered in London, won The International 2022 in late October and took home the $8.5 million first prize. They have now discussed their future in Dota 2 and other games with an eye to 2023 and beyond with their management and Dota 2 players. Anthony Graham, co-founder and director of esports and operations at Tundra, responded when asked by Esports News UK what the company’s future plans are for its Dota 2 team and if they are locking in the roster for the long term: “We remain committed to the current roster and eager for the start of the next DPC Season in January. After TI’s victory in Dota 2 2022, Tundra Esports discusses what would happen in 2023

About Tundra Esports discusses what would happen in 2023

“We are only at the beginning of our journey in Dota 2 and have set tremendous foundations in such a short amount of time that we hope will establish a platform for future high-level long-term performances,” the statement said. Anthony commented on other games by saying, “We are really proud of the performances from across all our competitive rosters for a sustained length of time, which is a credit to our amazing support team. We aggressively assist each of our players during and outside of competition.

For practice and to participate in online competitive events, players are given access to top-notch boot camps. Players are also collaborating with a psychologist to develop frameworks and strategies to lower stress and fatigue, which will offer them an advantage over their rivals, as we saw during our TI victory in Singapore. Following the disclosure of some of Tundra’s performance coaching techniques by a sport psychologist who works with the company, Anthony made his remarks.

“The DPC system encourages you to perform,” says the CEO of Tundra Esports

Evgeniy Roshchupkin, CEO of Tundra, also discussed the company’s overall investment in Dota 2. The Dota 2 ecosystem, which includes an excellent game and a sizable, active worldwide community, proved to be quite alluring, he claimed. The DPC structure forces you to consistently compete at a highly competitive level, in contrast to franchise leagues. As a result, you must find the top players and support them along the way with a strong support structure and a performance framework that includes developing their winning mindset, teamwork, and leadership abilities. We were able to create this structure because of Tundra’s collaboration with our shareholder and ambassador Virgil Van Dijk.

In addition to esports, we have created some incredible Dota 2 content and attained the highest level of social engagement; communities adore what we are producing. This is advantageous to both our partners and the Tundra brand.

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The organisation was hoping to explore new esports, according to the CEO of Tundra Esports, who spoke to Esports News UK on the Side quest rebrand launch day in the summer of 2022. Several months ago, Tundra joined Rocket League. Leon “Nine” Kirilin, a player for the Tundra Dota 2 team, commented on the TI victory, saying: “Nine: I was quite overwhelmed by winning, I didn’t really grasp what was going on [at the moment].

“You play for years in anticipation of this moment, and then when it happens… I continued to play the game after taking off my headset, and when everything started to unfold and there was so much noise around me, I became completely overwhelmed. I didn’t fully comprehend what was happening for a long. The topic of how they are using their winnings was also discussed by the players.

Saksa purchased an apartment, nine is considering doing the same, and Skiter stated that he would finish renovating his flat, purchase a new vehicle, and some clothing, and make an investment. Sneyking, 33, stated that he “probably won’t buy anything huge,” but that he thinks he would buy his grandparents a new home because it is difficult for them to climb the stairs where they currently reside in their advanced age.

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